Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School p. 1

Everyone from the ages of 6 to 21 has a common dislike, a common dreading feeling as summer rushes past into the fall. What the fall brings is school. Whether it's elementary school or college, the burden of a new school year is never pleasant.

...But...if you're going to return to school....

Why not do it in style!?!?

I am so excited, not necessarily for the academics, but for the back to school accessories! Last week, my mother and I casually browsed one of our favorite websites, The Preppy Princess, and ended up buying 1 or 10 things along the way.

The number one item on my back to school list that I am most excited for is my Lilly Pulitzer agenda.

It's the large agenda in "Checking In" and I love it. I had a planner like this last year and I used it so much that now it's practically unusable. The format is so cute and there are stickers in the back! I usually don't like using such cute stickers for fear that they would be ruined, but I eventually decorated my laptop with them (pictures to come soon!).
The Lilly laptop case in Checking In the next thing on my back to school list. I don't care if it's cheesy that I matched this bag to my planner, it's so cute! It's great how Lilly is expanding their merchandise, not only from shoes and accessories, but to home and office supplies. I know there are tons of Lilly lovers who appreciate it!
How cute are these?
These might be the highlight of my shopping binge. They are Lilly dress magnets, and just looking at them makes me happy. They're definitely going up in my locker to hang up my schedule, pictures, OR they might just have to be hung alone! They're that perfect!

These pencil cases are from the Lilly Pulitzer website, and I can't choose which one to get! The case on the left is the Pencil Me In case in Kappa Delta, and the one on the right is in Delta Zeta. 

Other things on my Back to School list are:
1. Lilly Pulitzer water bottle
2. Lilly Pulitzer thermal travel mug
3. Lilly Pulitzer ink pens (Okay, does anyone think I have a little obsession with Lilly?)

More to come soon!

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  1. Love it ALL for back to school...especially the dress magnets. How adorable!