Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have a dilemma.

Call me an OCD freak if you want, or a typical girly high school student, but school starts in 3 weeks and I don't know what I'm wearing. In past years, I have known my back-to-school outfit about 6 weeks beforehand. This is not the case this year. I have hit a dead end. My mind is blank. There is nothing I can think of that is perfectly preppy and girly and just starts the year off great!

At the pool the other day, while I was giving my eyes a rest from all the reading that I have been doing, I thought of a slightly plain but equally cute outfit that might just be the one.

Sorry for the ridiculously creepy pictures of the uniform kilts, but do not think that I wear them when they look like this. Yes, the only strict part of my school uniform is wearing either one of these (or any colored solid pants, but who wants to wear them when it's really hot in September?), but the skirts I wear are lower and shorter. Much better. So, I have to decide between the plaid or the grey, but my "vision" leans more towards the plaid. 

Part 2: The top. I can wear polos, oxfords, sweaters...basically anything but a T-shirt (but no one says that the girls don't try...). I'm thinking of a Lilly Pulitzer polo, in either yellow, pink, or turquoise. I can't choose a color. I'm hopeless.

Part 3: The headband. Basically, anything from The Vintage Lilly (which reminds me I need to order these beauties!). 

Part 4: Jewelry. Obviously pearl earrings, pearl necklace, my charm bracelet, and my A. Tierney watch with whatever adorable ribbon watchband I can find!

I may be stressing over the shallow, material part of school, but this is fun for me! It's so much more fun than actual school. So please, comment on this post with y'alls ideas for my back-to-school outfit! Tell me what you think because I could really use the help! Thanks!

xoxo, Hannah

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