Thursday, August 12, 2010

Building the Wardrobe

I'm so happy! Yesterday, the clothes my mom and I ordered from the Lilly Rue La La sale last week finally arrived. Unfortunately, not everything we wanted was available (we forgot to press a certain button in order to finalize the purchase)! But, what we received is SO worth it!

The clothes were from the Fall 2009 collection, and I love them!

I adore this dress. The colors brighten up usual boring fall outfits, so thank you Lilly Pulitzer again! Fall is fun! I also am a fan of belted dresses, it shows off the figure!

I also got the skirt that the model has on in the picture above. It's high waisted and it's about knee length. My first thought (before it arrived) was that I would get it hemmed, but I kinda like it when it's super pencil-y and long.

Besides the Rue La La sale, I got a box or two from Splash of Pink (one of our favorites! And one of their stores is 10 minutes away from my school!) and Lilly.

 I LOVE THIS SKIRT. It's also from Fall 2009. It's SO cute and I love really tight high waisted skirts (tight around the waist has become a common theme...)!

This skort is so cute. 1. I'm a sucker for skorts in the first place, 2. I have this already (it's the Jarvey Skort) in a yellow and blue print so I know how it fits. It's pretty short, but it's soo adorable and comfortable.

I'm glad I got this because I just checked the website and there aren't any more swim items left!!

Love love love this dress. It was featured in my post about Lilly Fall 2010 and it's called the Stephanie Shift. 

Last but not least is my first article of clothing from the Lilly active shop!! I bought the Lotus top (shown above) and it's ridiculously cute. I'm going to wear it tomorrow when I go to the gym, and I can't wait!

I hope everyone has a great summer day!!


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  2. Love your blog! So happy to find another Lilly lover! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Hi there! I found you via Follow Friday! I love all the great new Lilly items! You're fortunate to have such good luck on RLL - I was only able to get one item before it sold out!

  4. okay, i love everything. especially the dress and the skort:D they're adorable!

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