Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kate Spade Jewelry

While Kate Spade is mostly known for their to-die-for bags, I adore their line of jewelry! I've given up on J. Crew (in all aspects), so now I've moved onto Kate. It's all very clean, pretty, and classic looking! Unfortunately, it's a bit expensive, but I enjoy a good eye-candy once and a while!

Metropolitan Pearls Necklace
They have a great supply of faux pearl necklaces! 

Moon River Double Pearl and Bow Necklace
This is my favorite necklace featured on the website. I have a trillion strands of pearls in my room at home, but these are so cute!!

Park Avenue Pearl Earrings
One of my closest friends gave these to me for Christmas last year, and I wear them all the time! I like how they have (faux) pearls and diamonds on them, and they're just so pretty!!

Park Avenue Pearls Silver Bombay Ring
Love, love, love! This ring is basically the earrings before in ring form. 

All Wrapped Up Bow Ring
I think this is just too cute! It's so girly!
Hit the High Spots Idiom Bangle
Take a Chance Idiom Bangle
Small Idiom Bangle
I love bangles. I have extremely tiny wrists, which is usually a good thing, but I normally can't find bangles that will stay put! 
Park Avenue Pearls Charm Bracelet
I'm thinking that I really like this Park Avenue collection. 

Have a good weekend, everybody! I just spent the past half and hour packing for the flight back home. I'm wearing Lilly on the plane, though! 

xoxo, Hannah