Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Newfound L.L. Bean Obsession

Whilst browsing the internet tonight, I came across the lovely and classic L.L. Bean website. I cannot believe that I don't go on the website more often! My fall 2010 wishlist has grown since said visit, so here are my favorite things:

1. The Bean Boot
Just looking at this makes me think of my mother. Ever since I can remember, she has been sporting these classic shoes every fall and winter. I have a different version that I leave in Wyoming for the winter (the Shearling Lined Bean Boots), but I think that I have to have these for the up and coming season.

2. Saltwash Canvas Backpack
This bag is in fact from the L.L. Bean Signature line, and it's in the running of becoming my new school bag for the fall. I like how rugged it is (a clever cover for all the Lilly Pulitzer printed supplies that will be hidden inside), and it makes me think of pairing it with a quilted jacket, khakis loosely tucked into (preferably!) Bean boots, and a thick turtleneck. Mmm...

3. Bean's Norwegian Sweater 
Where has this been all my life!?!? The Bean Norwegian Sweater is, traditionally, a men's sweater, but I have to have this. I'm in love, I'm lusting over it, I'm coveting it!

Fall 2010 will be magical, I can feel it now.

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