Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Rugby Arrivals

I have been shopping at Rugby Ralph Lauren ever since it came out in 2004 (it's in New Canaan so I visit a lot). It is a little bit edgier than my taste, but I still like a lot of their merchandise. Here are some of the cute items from their fall line!

Woolen Button Cuff Sweater
I just adore crewneck sweaters of any kind.

Suede-Trimmed Hacking Jacket
Isn't this cute? Rugby jackets are usually pretty small, and I always have to have the arms taken up (I think my arms are unnaturally short....).

Herringbone Market Tote
So cute! I may be biased when it comes to tote bags, but I actually love this. It looks perfect for winter!

Herringbone Skull Ballet Flat
There's also some ballet flats that match the tote bag! I've never tried Rugby shoes before (just because they're relatively new and they don't have much variety), but these look fantastic.

What items do y'all like from the Rugby new arrivals? Let me know!

xoxo, Hannah

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