Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Ode to Headbands

My favorite things in the world. Headbands. I was practically born in a headband. Unfortunately, my hair has been too short for the past couple of months to look good in a headband, but it's growing! It's finally looking normal again! Hurrah!

A while ago, during my monogramming binge, I found an adorable website called Girly Twirly. It has items ranging from water bottles to jewelry, and everything adorable in between. I, of course, loved their selection of headbands (and some of them are shown above!). I can't wait to order some for the new school year! Girly Twirly also has argyle headbands, polka dot headbands and Lilly Pulitzer headwraps (!!!!).

Speaking of Lilly Pulitzer, I exploded with happiness when I found a website that had regular Lilly headbands! They're inexpensive and made with vintage fabric and I am SO excited for them!

This headband is from Southern Proper, and they were recently featured on Preppy Must Have. There are such cute designs on the headbands themselves, such as bulldogs, elephants, and black labs. 

I am ending with one of my favorite pictures of my idol, Grace Kelly, in a headband. It is stylish and black, and proves that headbands are classic preppy items.

Have y'all found any good websites for cute headbands? I hope everyone enjoys this sunny Sunday and the end of the weekend! 

xoxo, Hannah

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