Sunday, August 22, 2010

Redecorating Part 1: Furniture

I am in an interior decorating phase. Besides the obvious fact of wanting to redecorate my room, I'm considering it for my possible job ("when I grow up")! I think it's so much fun, plus I have learned a lot from my mom (who has excellent taste in design). Last night, we both went furniture browsing on the internet, and we visited the Pottery Barn Teen website. I've been a fan of theirs for years, and I found the most adorable line of furniture. It's called "Lilac" and it's clean, white, and classic, just perfect for my dream bedroom! 

My dream room is obviously pink and green (and white!). The fantasy that I've had since practically birth is to have a canopy bed, but unfortunately, the canopy bed that I love isn't in the Lilac collection. I know that doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but the white of the bed is different then the white of all the other items. So, I found another fantastic bed that I'm so excited about! I'm craving a desk because the last time I had one, I was in third or fourth grade and I didn't use it very much because there's not much work to do when you're that young. I don't need a vanity because there's a bathroom that I can "groom myself" in, so that saves space. 

Here are some of my favorite pieces from PB Teen:

The desk. Isn't it gorgeous? I may have an unnatural obsession with this item, but it's exactly what I've been looking for! It's not too tall, so I can put it by a window if necessary, and there's lots of storage space which I love. 

Now, I like both of these bedside tables, but I can't choose which one I like best. The one of the left, from the Lilac collection (the same as mostly everything I'm going to show y'all), will match the rest of the pieces in the room. It's closed off, so it's clean looking. But, the table on the right is more of a statement. It allows me to put some of my favorite things on it to show off, rather than use it as storage. 

I love this dresser. It has a lot of drawers which is great because right now, my dresser can hardly hold anything. I'm extremely OCD about my clothes, and from what I can remember, my exercise clothes are mixed with pajamas which are mixed with sweatshirts and it's driving me crazy! So, with all of the beautiful drawers in the dresser above, I won't have a nervous breakdown concerning organization. It adds height to the room, which is nice, and there's enough room on top for me to actually put a lamp and various photographs.

I'm not so sure that I need these. They're just regular bookshelves, but the thing is that I don't have a ton of books to put on them! I know I can put photos and cute knick-knacks on the shelves, but I'm just not...sold. I'll only have one, for sure, because my room doesn't have that much room, plus I don't think I have enough random items to put on two bookcases!

Pretty, pretty mirror. It's a dream. The mirror I have now is on the back of my door, and I've already had to replace it because it breaks very easily (if someone rams into the other side of the door...I have a younger brother. Enough said.). This mirror is very classic looking, and it's great if I want to move things around in my room. 

Yay! A bed! It's so big! The bed I have now is a trundle day bed, and it's too small and really hard to make the bed. This is clean and pretty and matches everything else and I'm just in love with it! 

Hopefully this whole room-makeover goes perfectly! Tell me what y'all think about the furniture!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Love it ALL! Can't wait to see your new "look." I am betting it will be "pink and green Heaven." Enjoy!

  2. you have very nice & expensive taste :)