Thursday, August 26, 2010

Redecorating Part 2: Fabrics and Colors

When decorating a room, the base of it all, meaning the furniture, is obviously extremely important. But, what is equally important is the fabric and colors that accent the given furniture. It sets the tone and allows you to be creative. Now that I have furniture out of the way, I have to find the perfect bedding, rugs, and accessories for my bedroom. It will be adorable in pink, green, and white. I haven't decided on what shade of pink (there are so many great shades!), but I do know the type of things that I want in my room.

If I could marry a rug, I would marry this one. It's from the Lilly for Garnet Hill collection, and it's absolutely adorable. It goes perfectly with my vision, and it's Lilly. How much better can it get? 

What's good about finding things that I like all from the same collection is that the colors are going to match. This is basically the rug in pillow form, and I'll have no woes about color choice because it fits right in...

...As does this "Tickled Pink" throw. It looks so soft and girly!

I'm about to show y'all some of my favorite bedding. Hopefully, I can recreate one of these beds!


I found the ultimate bedding (It's shown in the picture above to the right). I am ecstatic right now. I need to get my mother and convince her about the bedding. It's called Paradise Patch and IT'S SO DANG CUTE AND GIRLY AND LILLY! Don't worry, I'm just freaking out a little.

I like the idea of monogrammed shams. I'm a sucker for anything monogrammed, as y'all know. But, I haven't made any decisions on anything else concerning bedding. 

These are some pillows from PB Teen, and they're really cute. I would probably get it in green since basically the entire room I want will be pink!

Do y'all know of any good interior design websites or cute pink and green bedding? What do y'all think about this "dream room"? Let me know! 

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend! I only have 2 more days until I'm on an airplane to CT so I'll be making the most out of it!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. LOVE anything with a monogram!! Darling blog too. xo Cindy

  2. So much pink and green! If only I could do our master in pink and green. Don't think my hubby would appreciate that though. Haha.

    Love it!! New follower.


  3. toss in some navy blue to break up the colors :)

  4. I love that Lilly rug!

    Have a fabulous weekend!