Friday, August 20, 2010

A Shopaholic's Tale

To say the least, my mom and I went a little bit crazy at the Lilly Endless Summer sale. But it was a sale! And a ridiculously good one, at that!

Here are the purchased goodies:

This is the Adelson Shift Jacquard in Classic White Coming up Daisy Jacquard. I think it's going to be my senior graduation dress (which isn't too far away!). 

I have loved this dress since the moment I first saw it. It's the Ashley Dress Lace in True Blue Stuffed Shells. 

This dress is the Bowen Dress in Turquoise Alberta Gator. I think I'm going to wear this during the school trip I have to Boston the first weekend of school! I love strapless dresses.

This sweater (the Crissy Sweater in Hotty Pink) is perfect for winter without looking too stuffy. Plus, it's pink. It's a no-brainer.

Elina Long Tunic Cotton Law Printed in Hotty Pink Ten Speed. I'm kind of building a collection of "Hotty Pink Ten Speed"'s one of my favorite prints.

The Lilly skirts are some of my favorite kind of skirts. They're short but not skanky, and they fit really well. This is the Simple Skirt in Turqoise Alberta Gator. 

These are too cute! The pants are the Tradewind Capri Vintage Printed in Starfruit Yellow. 

I have a problem with shift dresses, I can't control myself. This is the Worth Shift in Lilly's Pad.

Again, the Worth Shift in Queen of Green.

And, again, the Worth Shift in Shorely Blue Silver Dollars (love this).

Worth Shift in Classic White Cream Fraiche.

Lastly, the Worth Shift in Hotty Pink Ten Speed.

On to the collection of bags...

The Original Tote in Hen House.

The Original Tote in Queen of Green.

Tote Bag in Not So Crabby.

The Original Tote in Seeing Things.

Small Original Tote in Lilly's Pad.

This concludes the Lilly Sale shopping binge! Too bad it's the end of summer. Fortunately, I have Boston (I'll post more about the wardrobe for that later) and pre-school events and lunches! 

Viva Lilly!! Have a great weekend, y'all!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. fabulous finds! i adore every one of your new lp goodies!!

  2. WOW, you racked up!! I ordered a tunic in the Hotty Pink Ten Speed, I think the print is so fun! I debated getting the Worth shift in Queen of Green, decided against it, but wish I had. And I love the Cream Fraiche-I have that print in the shorts! I found you via Follow Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Miss Hannah! I'll say you did pretty well sweetie! LOVING all your choices, the Ashley in Stuffed Shells will be GORGEOUS on you, you must show us a pic sometime when you wear it. The Adelson is such a classy selection for a graduation dress too!

    Your blog is precious in pink and green, just like you! Happy to be following you now, thanks for linking up for Pink & Green Thursday, I hope you will play along every week! Let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you! xoxox

  4. Trish - You're so sweet! Your comment made my day! Thank you so much for following this blog!