Friday, August 13, 2010

Tennis Whites

Hello everyone! I hope y'all are having a great day. Being the exercise guru that I am, I have recently become very involved in playing tennis. I love it! I used to play when I was little (just basic, once-a-week lessons that some of my friends took) but I decided this summer that I would start playing again. There is the tennis club across the street from our place here, so all I have to do is walk 1 minute and reserve a court with my favorite instructor. Today I had a lesson, so I am very inspired to write about the adorable tennis clothes that are available!

I don't know why Lilly Pulitzer doesn't release more tennis clothing, but I know that a couple of years ago they did. I have the skirt of the girl to the left, and it is ridiculously comfortable. The downside is that I have to wear the little Nike tennis shorts under it, but's a Lilly tennis skirt...I think I can handle it!

I usually don't like to play tennis in polo shirts, as shown in the Lilly ad and about every single Ralph Lauren tennis ad there is. Just white athletic tank tops will do! They are usually skin tight, which is a little intimidating, but they're actually comfortable. Plus, they don't constrict your movements, which is ideal when playing tennis.

I have a tennis skirt that resembles the one that the Ralph Lauren model has on above, but it's a little fancier. Ralph Lauren is a good brand when searching for high-end tennis clothing, along with Lacoste. They have a very large range of clothing at all times during the year.

I wish I looked like this when I play tennis!

For the do-good tennis players out there, Ralph Lauren has the Pink Pony line. Pink Pony supports Breast Cancer research, education, and treatment. It is a great cause because there are so many women affected by this horrible disease, and every little thing counts! I gave my best friend for her birthday two years ago a monogrammed tennis case and then little goodies from RL Pink Pony, and she loved it! 

I hope that y'all have a fantastic weekend!

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