Friday, August 6, 2010

To New Beginnings!

Hello! To everyone who visits this blog, y'all are sweethearts and thanks so much. I have always been interested in writing a blog, especially about the world of prep. I have tried numerous times to start and follow through with a blog, but it would only lead to me forgetting about it and eventually deleting it. So, here I am! I'm ready! 

For starters, my name is Hannah. I owe a lot to my mother because she has taught me infinite amounts of wisdom about preppiness. I am a prep. I was born a prep, I'm in a preppy family, regardless of how I used to try to run from this fate, I would always come crawling back. My parents are both extremely preppy, so it was only natural that I inherit this trait. Ralph Lauren and Lilly Pulitzer are in abundance in my closet, and I always find myself gravitating to the pearl earrings in the case on my vanity. Browsing the Lilly Pulitzer website makes me smile, and anything pink instantly brings me to happiness. 

So hopefully this "blog thing" will work out and enjoy!

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