Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School Part 2

This time next week, I will be melting away in my school with no air-conditioning. Yes, it's nice to see friends after being away all summer, and yes, I'll have something better to do than web-shopping and tanning (unfortunately), but it's still school. This year is going to be ridiculously hard, not only because it's my junior year and SAT's are in the spring; I'm taking on 3 honors classes and 2 AP's. I'm going to blog as much as I possibly can, though! I love this blogging hobby!

When I was in WY, I found the cutest pink binders.

I finally printed out my binder covers which look adorable and match perfectly with the pink binders.

My math notebook.

Also, my Lilly agenda came last week! I love it! I'm so OCD that I've already filled in every school event until the end of school in June. I was really surprised, though, when I saw that it went through December 2011! I'm going to be using this planner for a while! The inside is really cute, too, because there are tongue twisters for every month and some Lilly prints that I haven't seen before!

Cover page for September 2010
The Inside
The inside cover with my name and (hand-written) schedule! I have a problem.
I'm using the Lilly pencil case in "Frisky Business" for all my pens and pencils.

Lilly Pulitzer highlighters
Vineyard Vines Patchwork Classic Tote
I love this bag. I was originally going to use a Lilly bag, but I thought I would tone the colors down just a little bit with this. It's perfect for school!

This is a magnetic notepad and pen (with "Hannah" on it!) that I found at K-Mart in Wyoming. Usually super cutesy accessories like this aren't my thing, but I actually think it'll be perfect for my locker!

These are two adorable locker accessories that I found at The Container Store. The one on the left is a magnetic pencil-holder-thing, and the one on the right is just a paper holder. I'm trying to be intensely organized this year because my locker usually ends up looking like a tornado hit it one month into the school year!

I covered my laptop last spring with stickers from my old Lilly planner! 

I hope everyone who is starting a new school year, whether it be high school or college, has a fantastic year! Who else has Lilly school-goodies? Let me know!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Very cute! I love how you're all Lilly-ed out! and I love your binders :)

    xo Lilly and Lacrosse Sticks

  2. How adorable, Hannah! You are ready to go! Love all your Lilly-fied school supplies!!

    Happy Thursday! xoxo

  3. Super cute! Love your organization!

    Good luck in school! OoXx

  4. YOUR BINDERS are.... SO Adorable I'm dying over them right now!! What a great idea! Too much fun!!

  5. Your blog is great!
    & im loving your ideas!

  6. I LOVE your blog and everything you post!! How did you get the lily patterns to print for you binder covers?? such a cute idea! let me know if you get the chance thanks!!

    1. Here's how I did it!