Friday, September 3, 2010

A Few Things...

Hey, y'all! I hope everyone is feeling great and having a good weekend! Here are just a few updates:

  • I have a new favorite website: Lotus and Lilly. My mother ordered an adorable clutch purse and 2 headbands from their Etsy page, and they sent us another headband to match the clutch! It was so nice of them! Lotus and Lilly has really cute items, so everybody check it out!

  • Remember to order your copy (or copies!) of True Prep! It comes out on Tuesday, and I'm ridiculously excited. But, I'm scared on how they'll "modernize" preppy. I'm a firm believer that preppy cannot be made over for 2010, or any age, because preppy is preppy no matter what. So, hopefully the concept of "preppy" will not change!

  • Have y'all seen this video of the fans at the US Open fighting on Thursday? My dad was there that night as well, and he saw the whole thing happen live! Maybe something will happen like this on Sunday when I'm going to the US Open with my dad...

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

xoxo, Hannah

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