Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fix Your Hair in Style!

Since I was not gifted with naturally straight and smooth hair, I rely on my hair straightener and curling iron to get me through.  Here are some cute must-haves!

I've been straightening my hair since I was 11, so I've had my fair share of flatirons. My favorite so far is the one shown above by Vidal Sasoon. I got it at Target (love!), and it's PINK! You can also get it in green and turquoise. 

I've had this blow-dryer for about a year now, and it is fantastic. It is really powerful, so it dries hair much quicker than a regular blow-dryer. Plus, it has an adorable pink floral design on it. I also got this at Target.

This is seriously cool. It's the Conair Tweener Special Styler. I don't actually  have this, but I just found it and I'm in love! It looks like it can be a flatiron, curling iron, and a double curling iron! Eeek!!

What products do y'all like? Let me know!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Oh how precious Hannah, I just love that hair dryer!! :) Too cute! xoxoxo

  2. i love the conair tweener special styler! that is total perfection! all the pink hair appliances are so cute! I have naturally straight hair, so I just touch up my hair in the morning, but I am in desperate need of a new curling iron!

  3. I love all the pink! I have naturally straight hair so I'm trying to find a good (and cute!) curling iron to get waves... still no luck yet but I'm definitely going to look at the Conair that you talked about!

  4. My hair is naturally curly, and when I have the time, which seems like never, ;), I use a flat iron too. I ADORE that hairdryer!!! I want one.