Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm off! And...Angela Moore Jewelry

I am up at basically the crack of dawn to drive to my school in order to drive some more to go to Boston. I'm not complaining though! I'm very excited to be with my friends in (some) Lilly! I will not be able to post until Monday night, so here is a last hurrah until then!

There used to be an adorable store in Old Greenwich, CT that had Angela Moore jewelry. My mother and I stocked up, fortunately, because then the store closed! But, still, I love Angela Moore. It's cute, it's preppy, and there are so many to choose from!

Daisy Daisy CB Earrings (Green Bead) w/ Gold

Pink Grapefruit CB Earrings (Flower)

Diasy Daisy Post Earrings (Pink Bead) w/ Gold

Giraffe Baby Pink Classic Bracelet w/ Silver

Orange Crush Classic Bracelet w/ Gold

Daisy Daisy Pink/Green Classic Bracelet w/ Gold

Tennis Tales CB Earrings w/ Silver

Sea Goddess Pink/Green CB Earrings w/ Gold

I looooove all of these! Too cute! But also, very summery. I'll wait until next year!!

P.S. Today is 9/11; please say a prayer for all the honorable people who died, the families affected, and for the troops overseas currently.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!

xoxo, Hannah

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  1. have fun in Boston! i love Angela Moore jewlery! i did a post about it too but we go to the store in Newport, Rhode Island. her sales are awesome too! have a great day!