Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boot Season

My favorite thing about fall is the clothing; my favorite thing about the clothing is the shoe selection. I love boots. If I could marry a boot, I would be happy. I am in the process of searching for new fall boots, and so far I have found the perfect black boots (from the post about Sperry a while ago). But, the search continues!

Though I am not a fan of J. Crew, they do have fantastic tall "riding" boots that are definitely less expensive than actual riding boots. My current J. Crew suede and leather boots are to the point of falling apart because I have worn them so much! Here are some great choices from the J. Crew boot collection:

Britten Tall Flat Boots
This is just a classic leather boot. There is nothing wrong with them!

Sutton Tall Leather Flat Boots
One of my friends has these boots (or last years version...are they the same?) and I always compliment them when she wears them. They're so cute and I love the color.

Walker Riding Boots
I saved the best for last. These are my favorite things in the entire whole wide world, oh my goodness I love them. I get happy just by looking at them! They look like hardcore riding boots!

Moving on from J. Crew...
Pink Studio Wool Leather Riding Boot
Now, Urban Outfitters is not my cup of tea...but I like their selection of shoes. Specifically these shoes. I can't think of anything wrong with the boot shown above...I really like it!

What cute boots have y'all found? Let me know!

xoxo, Hannah

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