Thursday, October 21, 2010

Homecoming Day 2

Compared to my outfit success yesterday, today was not as exciting. The theme was jungle, and I had previously planned on wearing Lilly exercise wear so I could be a flamingo. I then realized that the clothes were too tight for anything other than exercise, and that I would freeze. So, I went the other path of wearing a pink Vineyard Vines skirt and black tights for the same "flamingo affect". Regardless, people asked what I was all day so that I could say uneasily "I'm...a flamingo?". No success.

In other words, today was basically a chance to ignore regular school uniform and bring my preppy weekend wear to school.

Tomorrow is red and blue day (our school colors), and I have yet to even look in my closet for a cute outfit. Wish me luck and I'll post the outfit later!

Have a great day everyone!

xoxo, Hannah

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