Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kiel James Patrick

I always see Kiel James Patrick's items on the Preppy Princess website, but I usually just go straight to the Lilly Pulitzer section. But KJP has headbands! With pink elephants on them! Oh my goodness!

This headbands just makes me so happy. My mother and I are in love with pink elephants, and this is a headband with them on it! Does anyone have this? Is it comfortable? For some reason (I must have an odd shaped head I guess...) a lot of headbands hurt my head. I've had luck with the Lotus and Lilly headbands as well as the Preppy Style ones, so hopefully the KJP one is comfortable too!

Lennie Earrings
And, there are matching earrings! I never really wear anything else but pearls, but I think that these are really cute!

Even though I love the 1st headband, I think that this is my favorite. It's so pretty and so nautical. It reminds me of Vineyard Vines!!

Do y'all like anything from Kiel James Patrick? Let me know!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. KJP has such cute stuff! I love the pink elephant headband!

  2. Love, love love the pink elephants! Vera Bradley has the cute pink elephant print also!

  3. Miss Hannah, you are too n ice to mention us, we are so flattered! I'm glad you like these, they have become very popular of late!

    Sending you a smile, and hopes you have a fab Friday!