Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lilly Advertisements

First off, I am truly, deeply sorry for not posting. I am in our school play, an it's tech week, so I'm rehearsing until 9 every night! Second, it's Miss Lilly Pulitzer's birthday!! So, I have compiled a dedication to her for her special day!

I admit, I do waste my time about 85% of the time that I'm on the computer. I usually go on for hours googling pictures of hair that I want, clothes that are pretty, and, of course, Lilly Pulitzer everything. Since the summer, I have been trying to build up a collection of good quality Lilly ads - new and old. It's fun, extremely hard, but I LOVE finding the vintage pictures. Here are some of my favorite Lilly ads!

Have a great day everyone!!!!

xoxo, Hannah

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