Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! / Holiday Sales

I hope that everyone had a fabulous 2010, and an even better New Year's Eve! Now that it's 2011, I'm looking for the items that will prepare me for the new year! Almost everything is on sale now!

Kate Spade Knightsbridge Quinn in Snapdragon
I have been eyeing this bag ever since it appeared on the Kate Spade website. It is still not an ideal price (yet), but it is just so cute! It also comes in gold, red, yellow, and black, but the pink is my favorite.

Kate Spade Jingle Bell Headband
To continue on with my headband fetish, this is too cute! While the jingle bells ringing may be annoying after a while, this is a perfect item for (next year's) Christmas!

Rugby Blackwatch Plaid Hooded Wrap
 Rugby has a really good holiday sale going on right now, and almost all of the things I have been eyeing this past season are in it! 
RugbyWool Military Dress
My friend has this dress in purple, and it is adorable! While I am not the biggest fan of purple, the other two colors they have (dark green and grey) are also cute! 

Vineyard Vines Patchwork Hooded Sweater
 The Vineyard Vines sale is absolutely amazing. There are so many things that I like on sale!

Somerset Turtleneck
I am currently on the quest for the perfect turtleneck (tell me which brands y'all like!) and I have always wanted this VV turtleneck. Maybe it will be my favorite of all! It also comes in black and white.

Snowfall Sweater Dress
This is such a pretty dress!!

Golden Whale Skirt
This may be my favorite of all the things that are in the VV sale. I have a navy cordouroy version of this skirt with pink, green, and blue whales, but I love the black and gold! It reminds me of my dream school, Vanderbilt!!

Unfortunately, I can't find any good sales for Lilly Pulitzer items! Let me know if y'all find something!!

Happy New Year!

xoxo, Hannah

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  1. Kate Spade is currently having and extra 25% off of their sale, so maybe the purse is more in your price range! :)