Friday, January 21, 2011

"The Lilly Store"

My mother and I have an obsession. It was started much before I was born with my mom, and has lasted (and increased) to today. The obsession is Lilly Pulitzer. It's actually a serious problem because we cannot control ourselves, especially when there are always sales on the internet and in the 3 Lilly stores near us. We used to keep all of our spring and summer Lilly in a storage center in another town, but we couldn't live through the separation. Last week, my mom packed up all the bright pink, green, turquoise, and yellow goodness in her car and brought it to it's real home. During the snow day that I had last Wednesday, we cleaned up everything by putting the clothes and accessories and shelves, as well as giving away the things we really didn't need. It's our little inside joke that we now have a "Lilly store" in our basement!

Here is the store in the beginning stages. It seems like a lot...and it is...but it was a lot of fun to organize because it's Lilly!!

My mom has a tote bag problem...

And a Kate Spade it's genetically inevitable for me to be a mini shopaholic. 

My favorite things in the "store" are my Lilly dresses, of course. I cannot wait until spring so I can wear them all! Hopefully there will be a lot of fun parties and events so I can be Lilly-pink-and-green!!

Have a fantastic day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. This is just ADORABLE!!!! I love this idea and it truly does look like you have a lilly store! So fun and I can't wait for spring either!

  2. Hannah, you and your mom are just TOO CUTE! I want to move in! :) Thank you for sharing a little glimpse into your Lilly store. I am sooooo ready for Spring too!! xooxx Happy Friday cutie!

  3. You and your mom are too cute! Y'all have so much Lilly!

    P.S. Thanks for the award--I'm blogging about it Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hannah - How cute! I don't see any shoes or sandals - I am assuming the store must have a shoe department!! You must have the sweetest Mother! Isn't it nice you get along with your Mother? not like the average teenage girl?!! Oh, good luck with the dance tomorrow night! Remember to tell us all about it!!

  5. Miss Hannah, you are too funny, and your Lilly store is too cute! I am convinced (and please tell your mother this) all of that Lilly is now much happier, feeling better being part of the family at the mother ship. So to speak.

    Too, too fun!