Sunday, February 13, 2011

College Advice

As I am a junior, this is "the year" that I'm supposed to spend stressing about college and life after high school. I have had my fair share of college freakouts, but they're slowly fading away (thank goodness!) Next weekend I am going to Charleston with my mother to visit College of Charleston! I'm so excited! I have only heard good things about it, and it's Charleston! The south!! I'm so, so, so excited. This will be the 2nd college visit for me this year (the first one being Vanderbilt and Sewanee), and I am actually looking forward to how I'm going to react to the college. Hopefully I'll love it!!

Anywho, I have started making a (somewhat) small list of colleges that I'm interested in. I'm only looking at schools in the South, which kind of limits how many I can see at a time. There are soo many colleges in the Northeast but I'm not really interested in any of them! Eventually I'll go to North Carolina and South Carolina and visit the 100 different colleges that I like there. But, here's the premature list of colleges that I am interested in looking at --

1. Vanderbilt (Love. Love. Love. But so hard to get into!)
2. University of Richmond
3. Davidson
4. Wake Forest
5. College of Charleston
6. University of Georgia
7. Elon
8. SMU

What other colleges do y'all think I will like? I'm open to all suggestions!!

Have a great day, y'all!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. That's so exciting that you're going to CofC! How was your visit to Sewanee? Did you like it? The SMU campus is gorgeous and Highland Park is fantastic! U of Richmond is great from what I've heard and Richmond is a cool city. Can't wait to hear more about your visits! xoxo

  2. Great list!!! This is going to be a book so get ready!!! haha!! Vandy is great!!! We were down in Nashville so we still went on a tour even though I knew I wouldn't get in! We liked it but I honestly wasn't the absolute best my favorite thing was that you could use meal plan for some restaurants around campus. I actually haven't heard the absolute best things about Richmond a bunch of people I know have transferred but I'm not super close to them so don't worry about that. I have heard fabulous things about both Davidson and Wake Forest but don't know a whole lot. C of C from what I understand is fabulous!!! 2 friends go there and just love the school and town!!! Also, I understand its not that expensive so that's a plus for your parents. I don't know much about UGA just its big and a fabulous party school!! haha! I seriously considered Elon just never went out there to visit. From what I was told by my amazing college counselor it has turned into a popular school for new england kids who don't want to do much work but are actually smart. Its a joke once you get in and just a party school also the town of elon isn't too exciting. SMU - I have a bunch of friends there and they love it! Great Greek life!!!

    If you visit SMU look at TCU too!!! Also High Point and Furman seem similar and a little smaller than some of the schools you're looking at and I've only heard good things.

  3. That's a great list! I went to Richmond, my hubby is a UGA alum and my sister went to CofC. I think you need to decide if you want a big state school or a smaller private school. Richmond was actually the largest school I considered. It's small, but have you considered Rollins in Winter Park, FL? My parents went there and loved it. In fact, my mother went to her 40th reunion in 2008. Good luck and please let me know if I can help at all. xo

  4. Royar - Sewanee was...interesting. I feel really bad totally bashing it, but it just wasn't what I am looking for! Much too small!!

    mFw - Thank you so much, all of your comments really help!! I've heard okay things about Richmond...mostly bad though! I might as well give it a try. I hear good things about UGA though and how it's gotten to be a really good school, but my parents are still concerned with the "party factor"!! Thank you SO MUCH for telling me about Elon. I haven't heard that before (or anything else about the school, for that matter). SMU sounds great!! And I think I'm going to look at Furman too. Everything you said helps so much!!

    Whitney - I've actually been hearing a lot more about Rollins lately and it sounds great, so I'm probably going to check it out as well! Thank you so much!!

  5. Hannah and mFw, just curious, but what are you hearing about Richmond. I graduated a loooong time ago am sure things have changed but wondering what gossip is circulating about my alma mater.

  6. I go to USC, but a lot of my friends go to Clemson and they love it there. My friends that go to CofC all say it's a party school but it is in the lovely city of Charleston. Samford (in AL) is a smaller school but I have a friend that goes there and absolutely loves it...UNC is definitely worth visiting too! So many choices! :)

  7. Hey doll! Fabulous list, you really can't go wrong with any of them! I too LOVED and applied to Vanderbilt (was wait listed with a 3.9 GPA!) What are you thinking of majoring in? That's the only thing - if you have a direction you think you are going in, see if any of these schools have any special degrees or programs abroad that might support those goals in addition to offering the whole college package you are looking for. How exciting!!!! xooxo

  8. Omg, I actually applied to almost ALL of those schools. I applied & was accepted to University of Richmond, Davidson, Wake Forest, and CofC. Ultimately, I chose Elon and am SO excited, I can't wait for the fall :)

  9. I never visited any of those skills when I was in college but I always loved taking the campus tours. Make sure you do a post on your campus outfits!!! Oh and stop by my new blog and leave a comment! It's slowly getting started :)

  10. Furman is an amazing college- my mother and sister graduated from there!