Monday, March 28, 2011

Post Spring Break

My lovely spring break ended this morning as my mother and I walked off the plane from Arizona at 6:00 A.M. It was too early. Much. too. early. We took the red eye from Phoenix and only got about an hour of sleep on the plane, but we promptly came back home and fell asleep for a couple more hours. Then, I had to go to school! Well, I actually didn't have to go, but I felt very energetic at the time and I felt lazy for not going to school anyway (even though I had just spent the past week doing nothing but tanning...)! But, I have some pictures of my vacation in Scottsdale, Arizona!!

The hotel rooms were called "casitas" and our room is the one on the right!! We had been there 3 times before so we knew what to expect, but it was nice this time because we were really close to the main lobby. The room was bigger than I expected though!! And so comfortable!!

This is legitimately the only picture that was taken of me the entire trip. I'm wearing the Lilly Pulitzer Calendar Girl Shift (which I am in LOVE with!!) with gold Jack Rogers and a Lilly Pulitzer Bermuda bag (post to come soon!). My mom and I both packed fantastically for this vacation. Everything was Lilly, everything looked GREAT and it was all so cute! My definite favorites were the Calendar Girl Shift, the Original Shift in Hotty Pink Hot to Trot, and last year's Avery Skirt.  

Since the picture I took of our spots by the pool didn't turn out too well, I snagged this picture off the internet. The lounge chairs were incredibly comfortable, but we only went in the pool once. It wasn't extremely hot!! The first day (Monday), it was cold and rainy so my mom and I relaxed after spending  the entire day before on an airplane or in an airport! The rest of the time was really nice though! We had our routine (that we couldn't break from even if we tried) and it was a lot of fun! We would have room service breakfast, then hurry out to the pool to reserve our seats (even though there weren't that many people for us to compete with), then spend almost the entire day by the pool! Later we would go to the gym, take a shower, get ready for dinner and get a "drink" (Shirley Temple for me!) at the bar. 

Have a great day everyone!!

xoxo, Hannah

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

Today I leave for Arizona!! I'm so excited!! Jackson Hole has been a lot of fun though. I skied a lot with my brother and dad. But now it's time for the hot and dry weather!! I am currently in the Salt Lake City Airport with my mom, watching Make It or Break It on Hulu and waiting for our plane during a 3 hour layover. So, here's what I'm bringing for my trip to Arizona!!

Of course, it's fun-filled with Lilly! I'm pretty sure everything I brought is Lilly Pulitzer. I'm kind of obsessed. I'm actually really looking forward to wearing some of the new items that I got for spring, such as the Classic Shift in Hotty Pink Hot to Trot and the Ricci Shift in Calendar Girl!! I tried them on last week and I'm liking how Lilly is making their shift dresses shorter! 

My mom and I super-packed for this trip!! Since we hate checking baggage (after our Christmas Break trip to Jackson Hole, our luggage was lost (temporarily) and we don't want to take any more chances!), I'm packing my colorful clothes in a huge Lilly bag!!

Have a great day everyone!! 

xoxo, Hannah

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Headbands Galore!

Since I am always on a quest for the perfect headband, I was very happy when I came across the brand High Cotton Ties. It's a southern brand that reminds me of Southern Proper that specializes in bow-ties, but they have really cute headbands!

Beverly Paisley Headband
 Isn't the paisley cute?? I like how they have headbands in patterns hat aren't so easily recognizable. A lot of companies re-use the same prints and ribbons. It can be really repetitive, especially when the headbands match the belts that match the watch bands. High Cotton Ties is refreshing!

Pawtucket Patchwork Madras Headband
I like this style of madras. The colors are very summer-y and happy!

Sky Blue Gingham Headband
I think that this headband could go with a lot of things, especially in the spring. The color is so pretty! They also have it in burgundy, green and blue, and lavender. 

I am so glad that I found High Cotton Ties!

Have a great day everyone!!

xoxo, Hannah

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bounkit Jewelry

If y'all have ever noticed the adorable jewelry in the Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2011 catalog, it's from Bounkit Jewelers. It's designed by Moroccan Hassan Bounkit, and I just love his work! Here's the link to his website, and here are some of my favorite pieces!

Cuff with Turquoise and Citrine
Round Stackable Cuffs
Earrings with Blue Topaz and Carnelian 

The earrings above are my favorite!

Earrings with Blue Topaz and Moon Stone
Earrings with Blue Topaz, Green Amethyst,  and Fluorite 
Earrings with Turquoise and White Topaz
Ring Set with Faceted Blue and White Topaz
Multi Colored Rings
Unfortunately, the jewelry is really expensive, but it's great eye candy!!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break

It's finally Spring Break! Since noon, I have been relaxing in Jackson Hole for week 1 of my spring break!! My school has 2 weeks vacation, and I'm so excited! The first week I'll be in Jackson, and the second week I'll be with my mom for a little sun time in Arizona! There has been so much snow this winter that we just have to get a little Vitamin D (...and a tan). We've had some trouble thinking of how we're going to pack for 2 polar opposite climates, but hopefully we'll find a solution. 

Here's my preliminary packing list!!

Jackson Hole

These boots are my lifesaver in the snow. They're really soft and warm, and so comfortable!! They're kind of my substitute for the original bean boots.

I pretty much end up "borrowing" my brother and my dad's huge winter sweaters. 

Have a great day y'all!!

xoxo, Hannah

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handwriting Tag!

Thank you Sunshine at Sunshine and Summertime for tagging me!!

1. Your name and name of your blog

2. Your blog address

3. Your favorite quote

4. Favorite Songs

5. Write this!

6. Tag 3 People 

7. Anything else!

My Makeup Routine

I saw a couple bloggers post their makeup routines, so I thought I would do it too!!

First and most importantly, washing my face!! I just started to use L'Oreal Go 360 Clean for Sensitive Skin, and I love it. The little scrub-let is amazing and I feel like it really works!!

This is one of the best concealers that I have used. I have pretty dark circles around my eyes, and the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation is great. 

Favorite eyeliner EVER!! I use the Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eyeliner for green eyes, and (I think) it really works! I can tell my eyes are greener when I use it. 

Lastly, I use Benefit Bad Gal Lash. The brush is huge and make my eyelashes look great!!

What products do y'all use?? Let me know!!

xoxo, Hannah

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have a problem. I am in love with this one dress from the Lilly Resort 2008 (Jubilee) collection. It's the Elias Dupioni Dress. It's perfect. I love it. And I cannot find it anywhere. So, if y'all come across this dress in a size 2, could y'all email me?? My email is on the contact page. Thank you!!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah