Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have a problem. I am in love with this one dress from the Lilly Resort 2008 (Jubilee) collection. It's the Elias Dupioni Dress. It's perfect. I love it. And I cannot find it anywhere. So, if y'all come across this dress in a size 2, could y'all email me?? My email is on the contact page. Thank you!!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. That is a great dress! Have you tried eBay or the Re-Lilly group on Facebook or Shopaholic's Preppy Closet on Facebook? It might pop up there!

    I also tagged you in a handwriting post on my blog so pass it along if you feel like it! :)

  2. Try Re-lilly!!! Its fabulous!!!

  3. Saw your post on Re-Lilly...good luck finding it!

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  5. I have that dress and I LOVE it! It is rather formal so I have trouble finding places to wear it to... Mine is a size 4, but if I ever decide to sell it I'll let you know:)