Wednesday, April 6, 2011

College Gear - SMU

To get inspired for the next 2 months of grueling academics in preparation for my senior year (ie. ACT's, AP's, SAT's, exams, SAT II's on top of extracurriculars and regular academics), I look at my favorite prospective college's bookstores online! Here are some of my favorite items from the SMU website:

Perfect for tanning during the summer (and during exam week in May when I'm studying outside!)!

I always like the crewneck sweatshirts better because the hood just drives me crazy!! 

This is just too cute!! I love how Vineyard Vines has collegiate bags and ties!! 

I would wear this when working out!! It looks so comfortable!!

Pom poms!! They totally make me wish that I went to a high school with a football team and cheerleaders (my childhood dream was to be a cheerleader)!!

To hang up in my room for constant inspiration...

And these itty bitty shorts are just too cute!! They're pink!!

Have a great day everyone!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Are you going to SMU next year? I go there now!! look me up on facebook(Hayley Heatley) if you have any questions:) I absolutely love smuu

  2. Hayley - I'm just a junior in high school, but I'm extremely interested in SMU!!

  3. Fun!! I love it! I read your post about the lilly lover in a group of non preppy friends, totally can relate. My friends just playfully tease me now, but remember it's always better to be classy and cute! And seriously, if you have ANY questions about SMU, please ask!

  4. and P.S SMU has a store across the street called McCartneys, its not online, but it has custom SMU gear, and literally cutest thing ever, think polka dots and mustangs!

  5. You're so cute and I love your blog!! ACT, SAT, and all that junk sucks but trust me when you are finally done with it you will be so unbelievably relieved! Just keep shopping, it'll make everything better haha Enjoy your last few weeks of senior year though because you will definitely miss it (strange, I know) when you go to college!

  6. I did early decision for Lehigh otherwise I likely would have gone to SMU --- it was just a little far from Connecticut for me. Awesome school!