Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink Kate Spade Shoes

I have the weirdest feet ever (post-bunion surgery on both feet) and I've never really been a shoe shopaholic (like my best friend - she's legitimately OBSESSED). I just prefer to webshop for them and admire!! Kate Spade has the cutest shoes (though expensive) and this season they have adorable hot pink sandales and flats! 

Looove these. I like how the sandal will actually stay on because of the ankle strap, and I love the mini-heel!!
Hula Too
There is a PINEAPPLE on this sandal!! It's so cute!! Give me a pink shoe with faux diamonds and I'm sold!

At my school, we're not allowed to wear "opened toed" shoes (which is awfully unfortunate because I can't wear Jack Rogers...), so instead I have to find adorable flats!! I love the pink at the toe of this flat!! It's so bright!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Love the flats! In fact, I have them!! Difficult to tell, but the pink iv
    is very neon!! Have a good day, Hannah!

  2. J'adore!!! Pink shoes are simply the BEST. Xoxo-BLC

  3. love love love the second pair :) visiting from pink and green thursday!

  4. Kate Spade shoes are BEYOND amazing this season! I'm in LOVE with them all...

  5. love the pineapple sandals and those flats are to die for!!

  6. You should try jack rogers flats- they are AMAZING!!