Saturday, April 23, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress: Princesses

Last night I was watching a special edition of Say Yes to the Dress where they featured the most high maintenance "princesses" that they've had. I was so shocked at some of the girls!! They were insane!! But, with the princess theme, I looked up the Disney Princess wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo. 

As much as I love The Little Mermaid, I don't like mermaid style wedding dresses!!

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney Princess, but this wedding dress is just...okay. I'm not too excited about the feather-y looking skirt, and it's soo big!! 

This dress is really pretty, it's just not really my style. I'm not a big fan of rhinestones on wedding dresses!

I love this dress. Love. Love. LOVE. It's beyond pretty. The skirt is big but not too big, the top is gorgeous, I JUST LOVE THIS DRESS.

The Jasmine dress is my least favorite out of all of them. It doesn't look like a wedding dress!!

Snow White
I really like the Snow White Dress. The flowery designs on the skirt aren't my favorite but everything else I like!!

Which dress is y'alls favorite?? Let me know1!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. LOVE the cinderella as well! Watched Say Yes to the Dress too...didn't like a lot of the dresses last night...loved a few! This is such a cute collection idea though!

  2. I love the Cinderella one too. I like the Belle (because she is my favorite Disney princess) but I don't like the draping on the front of the dress.

  3. I watched that on Say Yes to the Dress too, and those girls were just ridiculous! I LOVE that Cinderella dress!

  4. On say yes to the dress I just adored the yankee bride's huge dress! That was the perfect choice for such a big wedding event.

    I tried the Cinderella dress on!! My mom and I liked it a lot! Especially because I have an obsession with Disney & Cinderella. I can't say if I went with it or not, because my wedding isn't for a while, but I'll be posting my engagement story on my blog soon... & it has to do with Disney! (:

    xoxo Bee Sue

  5. The Cinderella and Snow White are my two favorite as well! I love watching Say Yes to the Dress, but usually don't even like the dresses that much!