Wednesday, April 13, 2011

True Prep Polo

I'm not even a huge fan (or a fan at all) of True Prep, but I love the Vineyard Vines True Prep Polo! I was browsing the Vineyard Vines website this week (I really need to stop webshopping...) and I came across this polo. The colors are so pretty and I like how they aren't "over-advertisements" of True Prep (unlike Ralph Lauren and the US Open). They're simple and classic! Do y'all like the True Prep polo?

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. NO!!!!!!!! Although I like the 'fit' of the Vineyard Vines polo shirts, I find no need to advertise a book that I felt was an insult to anyone who could read. Sorry. I totally agree with your take on the Ralph polo shirts. The size of the pony alone is ridiculous! plus everything that is now on the front, back, and sleeves! Crazy. Remember, less is more!!

  2. I love these polos! I'm not always a fan of "in your face" designs on polos either and these are very subtle. Thank you for sharing :)