Tuesday, May 17, 2011

College Gear - Vandy!

Vanderbilt. My dream school beyond anything I have ever imagined. Vandy is honestly the college I'm supposed to go to, but since the admissions process there is so dang hard, I will just try my hardest in hopes of getting in!! I love going to the Vanderbilt bookstore online and browsing the adorable clothes and accessories they have for sale!

I looove bumper stickers. Currently, the only stickers I have on my car are 2 from Jackson Hole and a pink and green Republican elephant, but I would love to have a Vandy sticker sticking proudly to my car!

These are too cute. My mom got me the cheerleader bear for Christmas, and it's just SO ADORABLE. It's my 2nd Vandy cheerleader item (I have a black baseball cap that says "Vanderbilt Cheerleader")! It's just wishful thinking though, I am not a cheerleader (only because my school in CT doesn't have a team!)!

My dad has a normal letterman jacket, but this a VANDERBILT letterman!!

I love the mini Vanderbilt flags! I have 2 hung up in my room right now for inspiration! Also, in the college guidance office at my school, they have tons of college flags hung up around the room with the names of the students who have attended that school written on them. I can't wait to write mine down (whether it be Vandy or any college, I just can't wait!!). 

Black and gold Vandy Norts....

These could have come in handy when it started to pour during one of my Vandy tours!! 

I have a couple pair of these mini shorts and they are the BEST.

This is hilarious!!

I LOVE my pink Vanderbilt water bottle. I carry it around everywhere!!

Have a great day everyone!! 

xoxo, Hannah


  1. I hope you come to Vandy! I have lived here in Nashville for 5 years and LOVE it! Would love to meet up if you come here!!!

  2. I remember those days!! I'm sure no matter what, you will end up where you belong, and I'm hoping for you that it is Vandy! Just have hope that everything will work out as it should!

  3. Fingers crossed!
    The Vandy loot is too cute!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. I loveee water bottles.. it's the absolute weirdest thing. I seriously have an obsession with them! haha. I love the Vandy ones because of their bright colors!

  5. Everything is super cute! No matter what happens I am sure you will love wherever you go!! <3

  6. Best of luck! I hope you get in! It's the most incredibly ecstatic feeling getting an acceptance letter to your favorite school, and then super fun to collect all sorts of random things with your school mascot on it. Unfortunately my school doesn't really have many 'school spirit' goods for sale, but I have a collection of things from my brother's law school (UF), which is highly convenient given my love of alligators!

  7. Hey girl! I just found your blog and started following it, but I'm a rising sophomore at Vandy. If you live in Nashville, you probably know a ton of people who go there, but if you ever want to stay with someone for a visit or have any questions, just let me know. taylor.r.dickinson@vanderbilt.edu

  8. where did you find a pink and green elephant? I have looked everywhere!