Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Tickets
My outfit!
Last night I attended the Robin Hood Benefit in New York City with my dad. It was so much fun!! The best part - and the only reason why I went - was that LADY GAGA WAS PERFORMING. The concert started at 9, and it was an abridged version of a regular concert. 

We drove into the city (which is only 45 minutes away!) and went to dinner at Bar Americain. It's a restaurant by Bobby Flay, whom my dad loves. It was really good, but we kind of rushed out so we could get to the concert quickly. 

There was already a line at the entrance to get in, but we weren't that far down the line. There were much more people behind us (thank goodness!). We actually got let in at like 9:35 and went upstairs to where the actual benefit was. The only celebrities we saw were David Letterman and Kelly Ripa and her husband. We waited in line a little more, and it was really aggravating because we could hear the buildup to the entrance of LADY GAGA!! One of my dad's friends was already inside and he kept texting him saying, "she's entering in a white orb!". But we missed it. Unfortunately.

BUT WE STILL SAW GAGAAAA. I can't even begin to describe how big of a fan I am of Lady Gaga. She's amazing. Especially in concert. We got inside (as I was running in, SCREAMING) and she was singing "Born This Way". Oh my gosh. She was so amazing. 

My favorite part of this whole night was when she sang "Bad Romance". It's my favorite song of hers, and my dad and I sing it all the time. It was SOOO GOOD. And I recorded part of it on my camera!!

She sang "Born This Way, "Bad Romance", a new song that I don't know the name of, "Speechless", "You and I", "Alejandro", and "Judas". All in all, regardless of how controversial and eccentric Lady Gaga is, she is an amazing singer and performer and I'm so lucky to have seen her in concert last night!!

Have a fabulous day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Cool date with your Dad!! How will he ever top that?!

  2. amazing!!! I love gaga! <3 you got some great shots of her!

  3. That is so cool you got to go and with your Dad no less! You looked adorable! What a fun night!

  4. You look precious Miss Hannah as always! LOVE that you got to go with your Dad on such a fun date, and LOVE LOVE Gaga!! xoxo