Friday, May 13, 2011

Lilly Outfit of the Week: Long and Flowy

What was with Blogger yesterday! I was seriously at a loss because I a. couldn't check my daily blogs and b. couldn't post the Lilly outfit of the week!! Here it is!!

Sorry for the bad quality!! I took the picture with my phone. This is another Lilly Pulitzer dress, and it's from a couple of years ago. I absolutely adore it! I wore it to graduation last year. So perfect for summer!!

Have a great weekend!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. OOOH LA LA! That dress is GORGEOUS and I don't remember that print!

  2. Hannah~

    Now that dress is just so gorgi!
    I love your manequin, my daughter has one in her room too. I had a dear friend re~cover it in pink and green polka~dotty material! It is so fun to "lay out," her clothes on her! I wear my pink & green sailor bracelet almost everyday as well! Viva Lilly!

    Mrs. Kindergarten