Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer for Lifeguard Press: Fall 2011

I love the new prints and patterns for the Lilly for Lifeguard Press fall 2011 line. Even though I am definitely not excited for fall (school, becoming pale again, cold weather), I love the new goodies that get to come out!!

These are the cutest watches!! I love the pink polka dot printed watchband. 

Since it is apparently a prerequesite for admittance into a southern school to own a trillion koozies, one of my must-have picks is the Lilly koozie!!  

No one ever makes cases for Blackberry!! While it is a pouch (ehh...), I'm still happy that I've found something to Lilly-fy my cell phone.

I got a Lilly pen for my birthday from one of my friends this year, and I love it!! They're great and they have the best selection of prints!

I am SO excited for the Lilly acrylic cups!! My favorite print is "First Call". I will definitely be taking this everywhere with me!!

Lastly, I plan on using the Lilly agenda for my senior year of high school! I loved my planner last year and I'm excited for a new one!

What are your favorite Lilly Fall 2011 accessories?? Let me know!!

You can purchase these items from the Preppy Princess or Lifeguard Press. Enjoy!!

Have a great day!! My dad is coming tomorrow from CT for the weekend which will be fun!! It's also my last day of my internship. It's really sad that summer is passing by so quickly!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. I am awaiting my Lilly planner from Lifeguard press and I am loving both the watches and the koozies (to add to my collection).

  2. I am loving all of these lovely Lilly items! I'm ordering my planner soon as I can decide on a print :)

  3. I'm loving all of those things! As strange as it sounds, I'm always so excited to get a new planner before school starts... I wore through my Lilly last year!

  4. For me, Lilly Pulitzer school supplies are always a must!
    Is it just me, or do they make taking notes and being in class, so much more fun?


  5. love it! Just got my agenda and I am going to need one of those cups for sure :)


  6. I definitely need my agenda, too! I really want a couple notebooks, too and a pack of hi-lighters.

  7. I want the new agenda with sailboats on it!!

  8. I can't wait FOR my Lilly agenda to get here :) Thanks for reminding me to get mine before they are all sold out!!