Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh well!

Hey y'all!! I know that it's Wednesday and last weekend is now so far away, but I hope everyone had a great weekend! As y'all know, I went to Dallas and Alabama to visit SMU and Auburn on Monday and Tuesday. While I'm actually not going to apply to either (the downside of college visits - not liking the colleges!!), it was nice to get to go to the South!!

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday!! This week has flown by. It's a 3 day weekend because of Columbus Day, but I will definitely not be relaxing! I have mucho studying to do for the ACT (which is October 22nd and my last time before ED/EA applications are due!) as well as working college apps and regular homework. I still need to decide where I'm applying!!

It's my best friend's birthday this weekend so she's having her annual "birthday party" and sleepover on Sunday. I'm so excited! But, I'm also sad at the same time because this is the last time she gets to have this party with us since we're graduating in the spring! I've been going to the party every year since I was 13!! Here's what I'm wearing:

I am absolutely obsessed with the Lilly Pulitzer Cassie Dress. I have worn this more than anything in my closet this fall. It's perfect!! I love it!!

What are y'all doing this weekend? Let me know!!

Hope y'all had a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Cute look! That's too bad about not liking the colleges, but there are always those moments when it's like, "I can't see myself here." I'm super busy this weekend; I've got two regattas!

  2. Oh I hope you friend has a great birthday :) sounds like a great weekend!


  3. Cute outfit! I am sure you had a lot of fun! (:


  4. Have you thought about Ole Miss? My boyfriend went there and absolutely loved it! Plus, it supposedly has the best Greek life in the country!

  5. LOVE YOUR OUTFITS! Im a senior and high school too! College Apps are applying Vanderbilt University ED and its nerve racking!! Have you thought about Clemson or like TCU? I am exclusively applying down south... keep updating polyvore please i love your style! Good luck!

  6. Anonymous - I applied to Ole Miss last week! It was my first college that I applied to!

    Maryland Prep - Thanks so much! I'm applying Vandy ED as well. I'm also applying to Clemson, too.

  7. Hope to see you at Vanderbilt next year then! I can tell from your belong there...people tell me that too.