Saturday, October 1, 2011

SMU and Auburn!!

Tomorrow morning, I am waking up bright and early so I can catch a flight with my mom to Dallas so I can go visit Southern Methodist University! Then, on Monday afternoon, I'm going to Alabama to visit Auburn!! I am so excited!!

I'm having dinner with a friend who is a freshman at SMU tomorrow night on campus. I'm excited to see her and hear what she has to say about the school!! 

My actual tour for SMU is on Monday, then I have to go back to the airport to go to Auburn. 

I have another friend who goes to Auburn so I may stop by and say hi to her! 

I have only gone on 3 college visits before this (Vandy, Sewanee, and College of Charleston), so it'll be nice to see other schools. SMU and Auburn are also both on my top lists, so hopefully I actually like them!!

Do y'all know anything interesting about Auburn and SMU? Let me know!!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. have a great time visiting! your going to look adorable!

  2. Dallas is wonderful! I'm a little obsessed. SMU was one of the schools I considered before choosing Ole Miss. Have so much fun on your visit!

  3. Cute looks! I've only done a little bit of the college visits, but I actually think it's a ton of fun to tour the schools.

  4. Good luck on your college visits! I currently live in Dallas and let me just say, SMU is gorgeous. I love all of your outfits too!

  5. cute outfits all I have to say is Auburn is the school to go to! a lot of students that were in my graduating class of 2009 in High School goes to Auburn. =)

  6. Hi! I think your blog is adorable!! And I thought I'd give my two cents on college visits! I visited probably 15 or 20 schools before I decided on one, one I really hadn't known about!! Don't overlook the small schools, they have a really special touch with student to professor ratios like 11:1 at my Alma Mater! I went to Queens University of Charlotte and loved every minute of it!!!!! Oh and don't forget about Greek Life!

  7. I go to SMU! I absolutely love it. I hope you really enjoyed your visit! let me now if you have ny questions :)