Sunday, November 13, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Lash Tinting

Today I had a great time having my lashes tinted at Benefit Cosmetic's Beauty Bar in New Canaan, CT. I have been to the store a million times (since Benefit is my favorite makeup brand) and I had only heard from a couple people about their tinting services. So, I made an appointment and today I stopped by and had my lashes done! 

This isn't me (obviously), but this is what it looks like to get your lashes tinted at Benefit!

First, I had to take off all of my eye makeup and they put Vaseline under my eyes so that the skin under my eyes would be protected from the color. Then, I had to close my eyes for 15 minutes so that the lash dye could be put on. It stung a little bit and felt super heavy on my eyes, but the lady who helped me was really nice and kept the conversation up the entire time. Afterwards, the dye was wiped off and I was done!!

I was surprised at how easy the application was, and also that it was relatively inexpensive!! The whole thing cost $23 for the 20-minute long process, and the lash tint is supposed to last for 4-6 weeks. My eyelashes are really blond at the ends, but now I can really see how long they are!! I love the results and I would definitely recommend going to the Benefit Beauty Bar to have it done!!

Have any of y'all had your lashes tinted? Let me know!!

Have a great week!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Benefit's my favorite cosmetic brand, too! I have black eyelashes, so I don't think it'd be necessary, but it sounds like a great service.

  2. I have never heard of this before! My eyelashes are pretty long but so blonde you can't tell I have any without mascara, I will have to try this out!