Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finally!! Pictures of my room!!

My room has finally been decorated!!! It's taken a while for everything to come in, but the final result is definitely worth it. Just as note: these pictures were taken over a course of a couple of days, so some things may be moved around!

The color scheme is coral, light blue, white, and brown. When we moved in, the walls were already light blue and we weren't going to paint anything. So, my mother and I worked around what we had and created this lovely, lovely room!!

The duvet is a coral pattern, and the headboard is a coral zebra print. Some of the monogrammed pillows haven't come in yet, though.

Here are pictures of my best friends and my brother....

I don't know if y'all can tell, but there are sea shells inside of my lamps on my bedside tables!

I have a coral chair with a little table (this is the before picture, I hadn't hung up the coral pictures yet).

Here is my bathroom!! I have monogrammed towels in coral and in white, and there are Grace Kelly film pictures hung up. I also have a picture of me and my best friend, as well as little containers that are coral and beachy!

More pictures in my bathroom...

I have a little side room connected to my room where I do my homework. I love the print of the chair!!

Some remnants of my old room...

There's a huge chest against one of the walls that holds EVERYTHING.......books, bags, school work, etc!!

I have books and pictures inside of my huge dresser...

More pictures (from prom!) on my vanity!

Here's "Lilly"!! 

What do y'all think!?? Let me know!!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. So pretty! Thanks for posting pics and giving me a little inspiration! :)

  2. Your bedroom is gorgeous! It's so pretty and I absolutely love your headboard and chair in your side room-such great prints and colors.

  3. This looks great! So preppy and feminine!

  4. Wow, that turned out really cute! Love the headboard.

  5. I am so jealous of your room! It's too cute :)

  6. I think it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the colors!

  7. I love your room! It's gorgeous! I love your bedding and all of your frames!

  8. I'm so in love with that arm chair! Who makes it?
    Super cute blog, by the way :)


  9. this room is amazing!!! like it so much

    and your blog is super cute!!!

  10. I have just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it ! You have amazing taste and your room just look like the perfect doll house ! I definitely look forward reading your blog posts.