Friday, December 30, 2011

Preppy New Year's Outfits

New Year's Eve is tomorrow, and with the exciting holiday comes fun parties! Here are my outfit ideas for ladies and men!

Here are my two outfits for girls! The one on the left is the more casual option (and probably the one I'm going to be wearing tomorrow night!!), and the one on the right is for fancy New Year's parties. I love anything sparkly, and pairing sparkles with more classic items such as riding boots (from Madwell) and tartan shirts (from J. Crew) makes it more appropriate and versatile! For the second outfit (which I previously mentioned in my Holiday Party Dress post), this Lilly Pulitzer dress will do the trick for New Year's parties! It's very girly yet perfect for the holiday because of the gold in the dress, as well as the gold accessories. The earrings are from Kate Spade and the shoes are from Lilly.

Since I am not an aficionado at putting together men's outfits, I consulted my ridiculously preppy brother about what to wear for New Year's. He chose his outfits from Rugby (his go-to brand) and Ralph Lauren. Again, the one on the left is the more casual option as opposed to the right side which is very fancy. The left is pretty self explanatory as well as being my brother's go to outfit for any occasion. The tweed jacket can worn with various ties and dress shirts, so there are a lot of nice options! For the right side (which my brother would wear to school if he had the chance), he chose a Ralph tux with a black watch bow tie and cummerbund. My family loooves black watch, and I think it looks so cool for New Year's!

What are y'all wearing on New Year's Eve? Let me know!!

Have a great day! I'm going back home today so I'm going to be on various planes until midnight. I'm still recovering from my mysterious week long sickness so hopefully it doesn't get worse being on the miserable plane rides all day long!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Love that Lilly dress, it's one of my favorites! I'll be wearing a silver skirt with patterned tights and a black top-more on the casual side!

  2. Great suggestions! I think I'm wearing this black BCBG skirt with a J. Crew sequined tank. :)

  3. I love that you and your brother are both so perfectly preppy! Happy New Year Hannah!