Friday, July 29, 2011

Even more Fall Lilly....

Lilly fall 2011 officially debuted yesterday online and I'm obsessed. Legitimately. 
Eryn Dress

Bowen Dress

Anamaria Skirt

Roslyn Skirt

Naomi Dress

Fiona Dress

Adalie Wrap Dress Printed

Stephanie Shift

Here are the release dates for each collection:
1. July 25th "Set the Stage"
2. August 25th "There's No Place Like Lilly"
3. September 25th "Cast of Characters"

What are y'alls favorites? Let me know!!

xoxo, Hannah

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Movies

This summer has definitely been the movie summer. My brother and I have seen 5 movies so far and they are still good movies coming out!! It's nice because since I have my license this summer, Drew (my brother) and I can drive to the movies whenever we want! Here are the movies we've seen so far:

Captain America
Love love LOVE this movie!! We saw this last night and I loved it. It was so pro-USA and Chris Evans is fantastic looking. But if y'all go see it, definitely be prepared for some depressing parts!! I was shocked at some of the things that happened in the movie!! I'm trying to convince Drew to see it with me again this week.

Harry Potter
Ah. Harry Potter. How I truly love thee. This was definitely the tear-jerker of the summer (even when it wasn't supposed to be...) because it was the end of the decade long series. But besides the fact that my childhood is officially over, I loved the movie!! It was legitimately good. It went by really quick, it had a perfect action-to-dialogue ratio, and there was nothing that I would have changed about it!!

Midnight in Paris
My mom took me and Drew to Midnight and Paris and we honestly had no idea what it was about. We were pleasantly surprised!! I love the 20's and I spent a majority of my sophomore year learning about American Literature (such as Fitzgerald and Hemingway) and it was so much fun to see the authors/singers/etc. portrayed on screen!! 

Drew and I dragged my grandmother to see Transformers when she visited and we all really liked the movie!! Drew was obsessed with the Transformer toys when he was little, and I love the movies (cough cough Shia LaBeouf/Josh Duhamel). It was much better than the 2nd one. I didn't think Megan Fox's replacement - Rosie Huntington-Whitely - was bad at all, and it was funny to see Patrick Dempsey play the villain! 

Ahh I wish I had seen this movie twice. I had only seen one other X-Men movie before and I had no idea who everyone was to begin with, but this was a fantastic movie. I loved it!! James McAvoy is the best and the rest of the cast was surprisingly funny. When I got home I watched the rest of the X-Men series (which cleared up a ton) and now I'm hooked!!

Next on our list is (regrettably) Cowboys and Aliens. I'm only going because of Daniel Craig! Then I'll probably see The Help and I want to see Friends with Benefits and Horrible Bosses.

What movies have y'all seen? Let me know!!

Have a fabulous day!!

xoxo, Hannah

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pennington and Bailes

College gear is so much fun, especially when it's preppy!! I found Pennington and Bailes when I was browsing the internet (I have a lot of free time on my hands...). They have tons of collegiate-inspired pants, shorts, polos, and skirts in a ton of colors! 

Here are some cute Auburn skirts!! Auburn is quickly rising in my "top colleges" hierarchy and I love that basically every Southern brand that features collegiate items has adorable AU goodies!!

Here is the same skirt but for SMU...

And here are some great khaki pants for Vanderbilt!! My mother and I have decided that my younger brother must go to Vanderbilt (they have an out-of-this-world engineering program and he wants to design cars) so these would be perfect for him!!

Have y'all bought anything from Pennington and Bailes before? Let me know!!

Have a great week and stay cool!!

xoxo, Hannah

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to make the Lilly Pulitzer binder covers

I have been getting a lot of questions on Tumblr about the Lilly Pulitzer binder covers that I made last year for school. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make them!!

Go onto Google and search for "Lilly Pulitzer desktop backgrounds", "Lilly Pulitzer wallpaper", etc. 

Drag the picture you want onto your desktop.

Turn the picture so that it's vertical.

Go onto Microsoft Word and type out the class name. Change the font/color to your liking (it's also cute when it matches the background). 

Screen shot and crop the class name picture.

Copy the picture so that it can go onto the Lilly pattern.

Paste it on the Lilly pattern, then adjust it and center it. 

Here is the finished product!!

I hope this helps everyone!!

xoxo, Hannah

New Lilly!! Fall 2011!!

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2011 is here!!

Avery Skirt
 This skirt is super flattering. My mom has the same style of skirt from Fall 2010 and I love it!
Bowen Dress
The strapless is so pretty!

Cassie Dress Slub

Cody Cardigan

Evie Dress
I am in looove with this dress!! The bow is so cute!!

Evie Dress
I really like this bright color for fall.

What do y'all like from Lilly fall?? Let me know!!

Have a happy Saturday!!

xoxo, Hannah

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer for Lifeguard Press: Fall 2011

I love the new prints and patterns for the Lilly for Lifeguard Press fall 2011 line. Even though I am definitely not excited for fall (school, becoming pale again, cold weather), I love the new goodies that get to come out!!

These are the cutest watches!! I love the pink polka dot printed watchband. 

Since it is apparently a prerequesite for admittance into a southern school to own a trillion koozies, one of my must-have picks is the Lilly koozie!!  

No one ever makes cases for Blackberry!! While it is a pouch (ehh...), I'm still happy that I've found something to Lilly-fy my cell phone.

I got a Lilly pen for my birthday from one of my friends this year, and I love it!! They're great and they have the best selection of prints!

I am SO excited for the Lilly acrylic cups!! My favorite print is "First Call". I will definitely be taking this everywhere with me!!

Lastly, I plan on using the Lilly agenda for my senior year of high school! I loved my planner last year and I'm excited for a new one!

What are your favorite Lilly Fall 2011 accessories?? Let me know!!

You can purchase these items from the Preppy Princess or Lifeguard Press. Enjoy!!

Have a great day!! My dad is coming tomorrow from CT for the weekend which will be fun!! It's also my last day of my internship. It's really sad that summer is passing by so quickly!!

xoxo, Hannah

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Dream Guy

Since there is always a lack of attractive/dateable guys wherever I am, I've decided to compile a "wish-list" for my dream guy!!



Blue eyes...




Republican <3



Goes to a southern school...


Plays football...


Preppy, preppy, preppy!!

And the final result...

If only!!

Have a fabulous day!!
xoxo, Hannah