Monday, January 9, 2012

Lilly Outfit of the Week: Preppy School Girl

Here's my first "Lilly" mannequin outfit of the new year!!

The shirt is Ralph Lauren and the dress is J. Crew. I love the dress and you can wear it with or without a shirt underneath!! It's also cute with a turtleneck!!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Love the look :)

    Sadly, my school requires a uniform, so i'm force to abide by the rules :(

  2. Love this outfit!!! J. Crew has the best dresses <3

  3. Such a cute dress! I love the jumper/schoolgirl look.

  4. I just happened upon your blog today and I love it, I am a new follower! That outfit is too cute...and is perfect for so many seasonal wears. I also saw your post on Donwtown Abbey yesterday, did you love it?? I can't wait for the new season! I hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Monday!!
    Twirling Clare