Monday, February 20, 2012

Airplane Etiquette

Not to start off on a sour note, but I absolutely hate flying. Airports, airplanes, the whole experience. I am afraid of heights, especially airplanes. I know there is a greater chance of me being killed in a car accident then the airplane falling to its death while I'm in it...but still.

I have personally being on a lot of flights this past year (mainly because of college visits), so my family and I have seen a lot of interesting behavior while at the airport. Yes, it's fun to people watch, but wouldn't it be embarrassing if you were the one that everyone can't stop looking at? 

If any of y'all have read the book "Classy" by Derek Blasberg, there is a great picture detailing what to wear and what NOT to wear whilst at the airport. It's such a funny book and it actually offers tons of great advice on social etiquette. Anyway, it is imperative to not look like a slob while you're at an airport. Now, that doesn't mean wear an evening gown on a 5-hour flight, but it's not that hard to put on a nice pair of jeans, comfortable (and easily removable for the security line) shoes, and a pretty sweater!! You can't go wrong with that outfit!! I've had friends wear pajamas with me on flights before, and while I love them dearly, it's just not the time or place. It sounds awful, but people working at the airport take you more seriously if you're dressed better. I'll take anything that makes the flying experience better!!

Don't be the gremlin. Seriously. Don't. It's obnoxious and frankly rude to be annoying at the airport or on an airplane. Since the main 3 airports I go to are LaGuardia, JFK and Westchester, I've seen my fair share of "gremlins"...just be nice to everyone!!

Sorry if this came off as a harsh post, but I'm currently in the Memphis airport waiting to go home and I was inspired to write this!

On another note, HOW WAS DOWNTON LAST NIGHT?? I didn't get a chance to see it and I'm freaking out, I can't wait!! I had a family BBQ and I'm waiting to watch the Downton Abbey finale tomorrow night when I'm reunited with my mother.

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. I haven't read this Classy yet but after seeing that picture, I'm going to order it asap! Have a safe flight home!! :]

  2. Thanks for sharing this - trying to click on the image to read the text -there was a girl who looked just like the one in the tracksuit (except more orange) trying to get a free upgrade on my last flight!!

  3. I too can't wait to read Classy!!! Safe travels!

  4. I can totally relate to your travel pet peeves, especially the sloppily dressed people! Pajamas in public are just not okay. I also love "Classy" and can't wait to read "Very Classy" as well!


  5. I always try to look my best, no matter where I am going! Just never know WHO you may run into even at thr grocery store. People do take you more seriously when you look well put together! I couldn't agree more!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  6. Great Post, and Downton was SO GOOD! I also think these travel rules should apply to the grocery store too! Honestly does it take longer to put on a pair a pants than it does to put on gross sweat pants on pajama bottoms?

  7. Oh my gosh! I cannot take the crazy that people come up with when flying. Some of the outfits and behavior is outrageous!

    Oh and Downton Abbey was amazeballs! Hurry, watch! I'm going to miss them....

  8. This is so relevant! And Classy is seriously the best!

  9. I am getting ready for a trip... I always think of this spread when I'm getting ready to leave for the airport!

  10. I loved Classy, and that spread was definitely one of my favorite parts, haha! I get made fun of by my friends and younger sister all the time when I "dress up" (really, jeans, a sweater, and boots don't count) to travel, but I really do notice the difference in how I'm treated and how I carry myself when I look more polished. XO

  11. I couldn't agree more! I've been doing some flying around Europe and you'd be surprised by some of the behavior and outfits (usually not Europeans, they're always well dressed!). Definitely agree with the above comments too- look put together where ever you go and you will get treated more seriously!