Monday, February 13, 2012

The Little White Dress

With graduation a few months away, white dresses are on my mind. At my school, when the seniors graduate, all of the girls wear pretty semi-formal white dresses!! You'd think it be easy to find them. WRONG. There are a lot of really expensive and really ugly white dresses out's not pretty. Here are my favorites from the few I've come across, as well as some of the dresses my friends are wearing!!

LP Reeve Dress
Okay, so the dress above (as well as a ton of the dresses below) is from the Lilly Pulitzer White Dress Shop. I had to include them because I obviously love Lilly, but also because they are really good for graduation!! 

LP Parker Dress
I love this dress but I hate the flower on the waist!!!

LP Blossom Dress
This dress is super cute and I know that at least one person will wear this to my graduation. Usually people wait too late to buy graduation dresses, and since Lilly has the best white dress shop, girls end up going to Splash of Pink and buying their dress there. 

LP Kiera Dress
I looove the neckline of this dress. 

LP Adeline Dress
This Lilly dress is a new style and I really like it!!

LP Franco Dress
I have this dress in pink seersucker and it's super flattering. I actually wore it to last year's graduation!! 

One of my closest friends is wearing this Alice + Olivia dress (shown above)!

J. Crew Arabelle Dress
The J. Crew dress shown above is super pretty!! They have a really good selection of special occasion dresses in a ton of colors.
J. Crew Laura Lace Dress
This picture is really hard to see because of the dumb decision to put an ivory backdrop behind an ivory dress, but the Laura lace dress is really pretty!! I love strapless dresses!!

The dress that I'm wearing to graduation isn't in this post, but I'll make a post closer to graduation (since it's only February...) with the details!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Ooohh all of these are so pretty... how are you going to choose?! I love the Lilly ones and the JCrew. You can't go wrong with any!

  2. My sister had to get one for graduation too, and she had the most gorgeous strapless J. Crew one! Love the Lilly Blossom dress!

  3. Lilly has the most gorgeous selection of white dresses this season. I thought about purchasing one for our sorority formal but I'm scared someone will spill one it!