Friday, March 9, 2012

The Smart Girls Group

Hi y'all!! I hope everyone is having a great week. Today I'd like to talk about a new project that I'm involved in called the Smart Girl's Group.

The Smart Girls Group is more than anything a movement to empower girl that they are all smart in their own ways and "the real smart girl" is on that shares her smarts with others. Our goal is to provide a place for girls to spread their smarts, whatever they may be, find tools to succeed, and to be encouraged by other smart girls. 

That place is, where there will be all different smart spaces, including our monthly guide. This magazine, called The Smart Girl's Guide, is written by our "Smarts Sharers" and the columns range from current affairs to style to health to college prep. It is relatively short, only about 30 pages long. We decided on this size because this way, a reader can easily print out the entire magazine or specific articles. Plus, we want every busy girl to have time to read it. Some of the Smarts Sharers include...

and Christina from Prep International!

One of our photographers is:

Mackenzie from Twirl and Curl

The guide is by no means preppy, though; rather, it is a well rounded handbook for how to be the real smart girl. These girls, as well as others, come from all over the continent and we guarantee that any girl who would like to get involved in the movement is welcome to. We promise, we will find them a position. 

Our position titles are not like ones you would see on a typical brand. There is no Founder/President, Vice President, etc. Instead, we have names that really explain the positions. For example, I am a Smart Sharers. Our photographers are Smart Shooters. 

One position that we didn't mention about was the Smart Story Sharers. This is anyone, anyone at all, who shares The Smart Girls Group story; how we are a community of encouragers and motivators that are out to empower smart girls to pursue their passions. We ask you to be some of our first Smart Story Sharers. Please, tell others about our movement. Tell your daughters, nieces, friends, cousins, anyone who would get something out of our little project. If you or someone you know would want to get involved, just contact us! We have an opportunity for you to spread your smarts, even if you are a little bit lost about what they are exactly.

Please spread the word! If you would like, you can add the button on the side of my blog to yours as well! Any way we can spread the smarts is perfect! 

Please be sure to check out The Smart Girls Group and follow us on TwitterTumblrFacebook, and Pinterest!

Have a great day y'all!! This is my last day before spring break, and I am so excited!! I leave for Palm Beach next week, so I'm going to try to make a lot of posts before I leave!! 

xoxo, Hannah


  1. I love, love this idea and think it's great. I would have loved to have been a part of something like this back when I was in school; no one really knew the Internet existed, and we definitely had no idea about social media. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for posting about it! I'm so excited!!!

  3. I just read about this on Royar's blog and I think it is such a great idea-I am so excited for you all! I am a little older of course-32-but I love what you all are doing. If you need an older perspective let me know!!! Can't wait to see more! I will put that button on my blog so hopefully more people will catch on!!!

  4. This is a fantastic project! If you ever need any advice or tips from a college girl, let me know!

  5. So excited to be writing for the blog! Such a fun project.

  6. SO proud of you girls! Can't wait to check it out!