Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time for a vacation!!

A much needed vacation, might I add!!

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am going to the fabulous Palm Beach for my final high school Spring Break. My family's goal was to find a warm and sunny place to retreat to since we haven't had a very nice-weathered winter so far. 

I am leaving for PB tomorrow, so I decided to take a ton of pictures of my packing process to share with y'all!! I also am including some packing tips!! Enjoy!!

What a mess...
First off...I love instagram. Legitimately I cannot get enough of it. My mom has an iPhone (lucky her) and I steal it all the time so I can pretend that I take artsy pictures, but all I really do is take pictures of EVERYTHING on instagram!! So, I downloaded it for my iPad and I'm having sooo much fun!! I hope y'all don't get too sick of literally every single picture being "instagramed!"

Secondly, the picture shown above is my original packing list. I really strayed from my original plan, but I thought y'all would like to see how I plan everything when packing!! I list the types of clothes that I want to bring, such as dresses, tops, swimsuits, etc. and then I write down everything that I want to pack under the heading. There are various other lists with accessories, beach goodies, and hair/makeup. I always over pack so writing down what I want to bring helps rationalize everything!!

It was an extremely hard task to choose these dresses to bring to PB, but I love them and I'm very happy with my choices!! I love the Dark 'n Stormy shift dress from last year, and I'm so excited to wear the pink and green jubilee dress  that my mother found in Kiawah! The turquoise Ricci dress from this year's Lilly Resort line is so pretty, and the print is so cool. Lastly, I'm bringing the adorable shell-printed Original Worth Shift from Lilly!

I'm bringing 2 of my favorite Jarvey skorts from Lilly Pulitzer and a white oxford for when I'm sick of wearing shift dresses!! The skorts are perfect because even though they're short, they aren't revealing due to the "short" aspect of them! I can also wear them with a white or pink cardigan and a white camp if I don't want to wear the oxford! The shorts are very small and flat, great for packing!

I looove my white jeans from J. Crew and I haven't worn them in forever (well, since Labor Day), so I've decided to bring them along too. I'm pairing the jeans with either the new Thandie tunic from Lilly or an adorable tunic in the Scorpion Bowl print that one of my closest friends got my for my birthday!! 

...just an extra outfit...y'all I'm serious, I over pack to the extreme. BUT, the sweater will come into good use if there's a cold night!! 

...and after!!
I am so excited to tan so I'm bringing a trillion and a half swim suits. I like the Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines bandeau tops and the string bikinis. I just saw the adorable Marley Lilly monogrammed bikini top so I didn't have time to order it before this spring break!! But, I love all of my bikinis, as well as my favorite super cute one piece from Lilly (for the inevitable day that I get burnt). I'm packing them in a large shoe bag so that they won't get thrown around in my suitcase. 

Here are my swim suit coverups!! I love the tunic from a couple of years ago, the print is too cute! I also found a vintage Lilly from a thrift store in CT and it's much too short to be a regular dress, so I'm wearing it as a coverup!! 

I love shoe bags!

I made sure to pack neutral sandals so that I wouldn't have to bring a different pair for every outfit. I'm taking a metallic pair of Jack Rogers (half the time they look silver and the other half of the time they look gold) that will go with everything, as well as my new light pink Jack Rogers and silver Lilly wedges. I have Lilly shoe bags to protect the shoes in my suitcase. 

I can't go a couple days without working out, so I'm bringing a few T-shirts and norts with me for the gym at the hotel. And did I mention one of the nike shorts are pink and green? I'm love them so much. It's important to bring workout clothes because, well, it's spring break, meaning I'm going to be eating yummy food...and I'm going to be spending most of the time in a bikini. Exercising is inspiration!!

If y'all couldn't guess, I'm bringing a couple pair of Lilly Pulitzer pajamas for my sleepwear. I wish Lilly still made them!! They're super comfy and the prints are adorable. Plus, they pack really easily; they're very flat and it really doesn't matter if they're wrinkled or not!

I'm (of course) bringing a Lilly tote bag with me for the airplane/beach/'s almost comical how much Lilly I have (and terrifying for people who aren't used to bright colors). In the beach bag will be various croakies, koozies, my iPad, my iPod, my (awful) cell-phone, and my Ray Ban aviators. I'm also bringing my favorite Bermuda bag along with plenty reversible covers! Bermuda bags are great because they're small enough to pack without taking up hardly any room, and because they have covers, many of them being reversible, they can last you forever! There's a cover for every outfit!

The hats I'm bringing are my new Ole Miss baseball cap and a huge J. Crew sunhat. I left my Marley Lilly sunhat in Jackson Hole (ahh!!) which is the reason why I'm bringing the (unmonogrammed) other sunhat. Still super cute and super useful!! I get burnt really easily (but I can still get dark) and hats save my life - and my skin - when the sun is too strong. Who knows how I'll hold up in Florida?!?

The other part of preparing for Spring Break for me is making my iPod playlist and reading list!! 

I'm on a country-kick right now, so most of the songs on my Spring Break playlist are country! They're fun and happy and perfect for this vacation. 

I bought a few books to occupy my time whilst sunbathing on the beach (can y'all tell that I'm excited??). I love the Barnes and Noble Nook app on my iPad, it's such a lifesaver!! Buying books on the website is easy, and the books automatically download to my iPad so I can read them at any time! 

(Almost) everything!
Phew!! That took a while!! I hope y'all all enjoyed this mega-post on my Spring Break outfits!! 

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Wow...definitely think you have everything covered! I love your Lilly collection and wish I could share your closet!

  2. Have a blast sweet girl! If you're ever cleaning out the closet, you know where to send your old things, wink wink! I always make a packing list too!

  3. Oh my gosh, have an amazing time! I wish I had gone somewhere sunny and warm for my spring break!

    P.S. I'm loving all of your clothes! You have SO much Lilly!

  4. Great picks! You'll have a fabulous time!

  5. Your Lilly Collection is to die for! I am jealous! Wishing we were sisters so we could share!

  6. you pack like I do! haha. And loving all the lilly!