Wednesday, April 18, 2012

iPhone Cases

Since I absolutely cannot wait to get an iPhone this summer, here are my favorite iPhone cases that I've come across!

Classic Lilly...

Kate Spade has super cute iPhone cases! My mom has had a couple in the past, and there are so many to choose from.

I love this case, and I think it's so cool that there is a little slot in the back of the case to hold your ID and credit card! So much easier than carrying everything around!

This is my mom's current iPhone case, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Vineyard Vines just released this new iPhone case! It's blatant advertising but still classic and cute!!

What case do y'all use for your iPhone? Let me know!!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. My last case was Kate Spade. While it was really cute, I wouldn't get another one. Every time I dropped my phone, the case would noticabely crack. I have a Lilly one now, and I LOVE IT! Super durable, and I feel like it's safer for my phone (if I were to drop it).

  2. One of my blog sponsors does monogrammed iphone cases. Spotted Whimsey designs on my sidebar. Check them out :)

  3. I use the Lilly case I love it!! Also....
    Congratulations! I’ve given you an award!

  4. I love the Lilly Pulitzer one! What a great way to tote around an ID and cash, too!

  5. ESP cute! I love them all but the first is my favorite! Xx

  6. I wish I had an iPhone for all those cute cases!

    Also, I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award s on my blog! (:

  7. I had a Kate Spade case and it broke within a week of my putting it on my phone. I have a cute case but it also protects my phone so if I drop it my phone has some protection.

  8. I have that very Lilly id case! I've also had Kate Spade, but prefer Lilly because the KS ones are super boxy.

  9. I love the cherry begonias LP case :) I have the same style in hotty pink bloomers and get so many compliments! Love Lilly!!