Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Senior Prank!

Hi y'all!! It's been super busy in CT for it's the last week of real school! I had skip day on Monday, prank day on Tuesday, and I have an exam on Friday. So, I thought I would show y'all some of the pictures from setting up our senior prank on Monday night/Tuesday morning!

Our theme was "End of the World" because the Mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012. Since we're the class of 2012, it seemed like an appropriate theme!

One of our "lounge-rooms" is getting demolished, so we graffitied it!

For some reason, our class has had an unusual amount of students leave, whether it be at the end of the year or in the middle of the year. So, we made "Amber Alert" posters about them and posted them around the school!

All of our bad tests and quizzes from senior spring...

Obstacle courses...

We put a watermark on hundreds of sheets of paper saying "Property of the Class of 2012"!

The BEST part of the prank was that we built a trampoline in the cafeteria! 

We signed all of our names on the graffitied wall...

And I parked my car in the school amphitheater!

Yay Class of 2012! Love y'all!

Also, on a great note, I got asked to prom today! Woo hoo!

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. This is too great and what a great idea too! And yay!!! I knew you would! Who wouldn't want to take you to prom, you're gorgeous!

  2. That is one of the best pranks I've ever seen! The only exciting thing my graduating class did was move all the bookshelves around in the school library (they were on wheels) so that none of the shelves were in the right place.
    That's so exciting about your prom date! I'm sure you'll knock your date's socks off with your gorgeous Lilly dress!


  3. ohmygosh congrats on the prom date!!!
    How did y'all put the water mark on the paper???

    1. I think there is an option to do it on Microsoft Word

  4. I am so jealous! I go to private school now, so kids don't do this stuff... I wish they did! Looks like so much fun!

  5. So fun! Senior pranks are really boring where I live, haha, tping the school and throwing glitter all over the hallway are pretty much it.

  6. Loving the mayan themed prank! The trampoline looks like so much fun!