Thursday, June 14, 2012

Graduation Presents

Hi y'all! I hope everyone is having a great week. I've been floating around, not really doing much since I'm getting used to being out of school! I've been rounding up all of my graduation presents and have been writing thank you notes, though, and they're taking forever! Here are the wonderful graduation gifts that I've received.

My friend mFj gave my close group of friends a miniature picture frame that opens up! 

My final charm to my charm bracelet was a Class of '12 charm with my initials engraved on the back. I got the bracelet when I graduated middle school and I finished it when I graduated high school! It's so weird because it's finally completely full! Right now it's getting the charm put on, so I couldn't take a full picture, but I'll definitely post a picture when it comes back!

I got a monogrammed pink jewelry case from a family friend!! I looove it!!

I also got a Lilly iPad case from another family friend!

Now, onto the jewelry. My friend sDn gave our group of friends a leather bracelet with our initials engraved on it, and mFj also gave us Kate Spade bangles! It's super cute because it has a different saying engraved into each one. Every bracelet given to our friends had a saying that fit with the specific person! My bracelet said "hot to trot" and it was pink! So cute!! My grandmothers both gave me pearl bracelets and I love them! There is a full pearl bracelet that is great for special occasions, and the bracelet with a couple of pearls is great for every day!

My brother gave me a monogrammed gold necklace that I've been obsessing over since forever!

This is an awful picture, but my mother bought engraved picture frames for me and my friends with our monograms and our graduation date!! I can't wait to put a picture from graduation in it!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. great gifts! I love the monogrammed necklace!

  2. Love Kate Spade bangles! Cute gifts. :)

  3. where can I find that monogrammed necklace?!?! I am just in love with it!!!

    1. It was from Island Outfitters (a store in CT), but you can get it off of Marley Lilly!

  4. Where can I buy the monogrammed jewelry bag? I absolutely adore it but can't find it online!