Monday, June 25, 2012

My Favorite iPad Apps

Hi y'all! Sorry I haven't been posting. I went to North Carolina to visit my grandmother and I didn't have any posts queued! I have been spending a lot of time on my iPad recently, especially since it's easy to carry around and I like to use it to read while I'm sitting outside. Here are some of my favorite apps that I've come across!!

CraftStudio is a new app that I've found that was created by Martha Stewart. You can make personalized cards to save or send to people! I think it's a really cute idea, and it's a lot of fun to play around with!

Diptic is an app that combines your photos together so you can upload them to Instagram. It's nice for Outfit of the Day posts because you don't have to upload multiple pictures for one outfit! I also used Diptic to combine all of my prom/graduation photos for the background to my iPad and computer!

Draw Something is my new addiction. Seriously, I've been playing it for the past 2 days straight. I think it's SO MUCH FUN and my brother and I are already on the 184th turn!

Instagram is my alltime favorite app ever, I cannot get enough of it. I often steal my parents iPhones (since I don't have one yet! ahhhh!!) just so I can use instagram. It is my favorite picture app for the iPad, hands down!

Logos Quiz is really difficult but I love it! You have to guess the logos for a trillion different companies and brands! I have gotten to all 8 levels but I am nowhere near close to guessing everything! It's so hard!

My Fitness Pal is what I'm going to be using for a while since I've been eating delicious Southern food without exercising! I have been an avid Lose It! supporter but I loooove the My Fitness Pal app. It's super easy to use and the layout is really nice! If you're looking for an app to track your weight, food, and exercise, this is definitely my top choice!

EasyBake Treats is a super childish yet amazingly fun app where you "bake" either cookies, cupcakes, or cake and then decorate it! I love it!

The Pinterest app is really good, even though it's in the iPhone format for iPad. It's great for pinning on the go!

Wall About You is another addiction of mine. You can make monogrammed backgrounds for yourself by choosing a background, a font, a type of monogram, and tons of different colors!

What iPad/iPhone apps do y'all like? Anything I should know about? Let me know!!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. This post makes me REALLY want an iPad! I love how there's an Easy Bake Oven app. I used to love Easy Bake Oven when I was a kid.

  2. I love Pinterest! I also like Viggle (TV), ShopKick, and Checkpoints. On all three you check in at different locations and earn points. After a certain amount of points you can receive gift cards and such. Cuptakes is one of my favorite wallpaper apps.

  3. Love those! I really wish I had an iPad. I'm hoping for one for my birthday!

  4. I love the Instagram app. I also use Shopstyle. It's an easy way to look at clothes, shoes and make a wishlist out of them. Also 100 doors is very addicting if you like puzzles.

  5. I LOVE Wall About You! I just discovered it last week, and I can't stop making wallpaper! I'm also a big fan of Draw Something. What's your username, if you don't mind me asking?

  6. I am still holding out on the iPad but those apps look great.
    ps. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. CONGRATS!

  7. Just downloaded the Diptic app on my iPhone! I had wondered how people were able to create collages on Instagram. Now I know! Thanks for the rec! I also just downloaded the Logos Quiz. Other apps I enjoy are solitaire, Yahtzee, and Sudoku. The Weather Channel, flashlight, Tip Check, and Mapquest are extremely useful apps. Mapquest for iPhone has been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion-it even has voice navigation so it's basically like having a GPS!

  8. I love Wall About You, Pinterest, and Instagram! And the Easy Bake Oven app looks super fun, haha!

  9. Nice list! I can definitely agree with you about some of these apps like Instagram, Draw Something and Pinterest. The others you mentioned I haven't heard of though, so I'm very much looking forward to checking them out. Besides a few other games I'm addicted to on my iPad, I'd have to say my number one app is Dish Remote Access. I travel a lot for my job at Dish, so it's perfect for me when I have some time to kill in airports and such. It's free and works with my Sling Adapter at home, allowing me to watch all of my favorite shows, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world. I’m a big TV junkie, so it’s nice to know just because I’m away on business I don’t have to miss any of my favorite shows. :)