Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Outfits

Summer is my favorite season because of the sun and the outfits I get to wear! It sounds very shallow, but I love the colors and choices available for fun summer outfits. 

The two outfits shown above are kind of my go-to things to wear for the past couple of weeks. I got the denim mini at the J. Crew outlet (on super sale...I love it!) and I can pair it with SO MANY tops! I like the J. Crew gingham shirt because it's really light and comfortable, and I also like to wear the skirt with a v-neck t-shirt (like this one at Vineyard Vines). The second outfit is one of my favorites. The white eyelet top was honestly the best purchase of the year from Lilly Pulitzer, I wear it all of the time with so many shorts/pants! The shorts shown above are so pretty because of the scalloped edge and I just am obsessed with the print. I really only wear sandals in the summer, and I am so happy about buying the Kate Spade sandals shown above. They were on super sale (yay!) and they're really comfortable. Jack Rogers are, of course, my go-to shoes!

While half of the time I am in shorts and a cute top, the other half of the time I am in a Lilly Pulitzer dress. I am a huge fan of the classic shift dress paired with Jack's. It's comfortable, flattering, and I always recieve compliments on the fun Lilly prints. Otherwise, if I'm going out with friends, I like to wear really fun dresses, such as my favorite dress shown above on the right. It's the Georgie Dress from Lilly, and it's honestly the best. It's so summery!! I can also wear it with any sandals I want!

For more casual days, I am usually in nike shorts and a T-shirt or a bikini! I love Lilly and Vineyard Vines bikinis, especially the bandeau styles. I like to pack all my tanning/pool accessories in a tote bag (most likely one from Lilly). When I'm just hanging out at home, I'm always wearing a t-shirt and norts. It's the most comfortable outfit EVER!

What do y'all wear in the summer? Any favorite combinations? Let me know!

Have a fabulous summer day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Great outfits! I love the Wake tee!

  2. It's not shallow, I love summer because of all the summery outfits too :) I really need to buy some Nike shorts and Lilly shorts though, everyone seems to be wearing them.

  3. Loving the outfits! I also like to wear maxi dresses on days when I am lounging around at home! Nordstrom has a great selection!

  4. The Georgie dress is one of my favorites, too! I always love J. Crew chino shorts with oxfords, polo dresses, and Lilly skirts with tanks!