Friday, July 27, 2012

The Very Patriotic Frat Collection + Olympics

The Frat Collection is completely blowing up around the country, especially with the college crowd! If y'all aren't familiar with the brand, they are a Southern based company that spiced up the regular t-shirt by adding a pocket in a fun print or pattern. 

I bought the long-sleeved Betsy t-shirt around the 4th of July when I was feeling even more patriotic than usual! I love how comfortable it is, and I really love the American flag pattern of the pocket. I'm definitely bringing it with me to college in the fall!

On another note, the Olympics Opening Ceremony is today and I am so excited to watch it!!!! I will be avidly watching the games for the next couple of weeks. I've figured that the Frat Collection Betsy shirt will also double as a way to show support for our great country during the Olympics! GO USA! 

Have y'all bought anything from the Frat Collection? If so, what pocket did you choose? Also, who's excited for the Olympics? Let me know!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Don't forget! Take 10% off with code 'Maine'!!

  2. LOVE The Frat Collection!! :) I'm ordering some for when I go abroad. Precious. And I can't wait for the Opening Ceremonies!!

  3. I am considering getting one to wear around campus! I have heard such great things about them!

  4. Such a cute tee!! I'd love to get one and probably will before the semester starts. You look so cute and patriotic for the opening ceremony :)

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of mind

  5. I just ordered the pink long sleeve shirt with the Beth pocket! It is a madras pattern and looks really cute against the pink!
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    1. Has yours shipped yet?? Please email me at, I'm getting worried its never going to come!

  6. I can't wait to order one of these shirts! I just cant decide which one to get- the one you got looks SO cute on you!

  7. I'm definitely looking into getting a few T's from The Frat Collection. From what I've heard, they are absolutely comfy which is a plus! I also love all the combinations and styles of Tshirt!

    ♥ mCs

  8. So cute! I want to get one with the Betsy pocket, but I don't know what color shirt - did you get the true white or the off white color? & Do you know what size you got? The way yours looks is cute - Is that a small?

  9. Take forever to get your order and customer service is terrible!!!!! Don't order!